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Interview with Ronnie Coleman

Interview with Ronnie Coleman
Interview with Ronnie Coleman

Interview with Ronnie Coleman
Exclusive interview with the 8-time Mr. Olympia
Tuesday, 07/26/2011

From our interviews with the eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, now we offer you below the complete German translation in text form.

The interview, heard in person at the Ronnie Coleman in the original version is found, your our current episode of Hard Body Radio

Ronnie, you're the only addition to Lee Haney, who won the Mr. Olympia 8X title. Especially younger fans, we want to provide a short review of how your career began. Would you then you could imagine that one day you dominate the show, back in 1992 at the Mr. Olympia in Helsinki, where you get your pro debut gabs and did not come under the top 15.

At that time I took just because the studio owner had then offered me a free membership. I then working full time as a policeman and bodybuilding was nothing serious for me.

When it was because then earnest for you?
It became serious only for myself, when I won my first Mr. Olympia. Look, when I won the first Mr. Olympia, I was still working full time as a policeman, for that I still had a part-time jobs, eg. to Deniz, or at Western Warehouse and also a shoe dealer I was working in an apartment complex where I lived. So all the time in which I participated in competitions at that time, I had next to bodybuilding to 3.4 jobs with which I earned my living.

When you had the feeling that you win the Mr. Olympia can show?
Only after I won the show for the first time not before. As I said, until the time bodybuilding was just a hobby for me and nothing serious.

From 1994 on, you've made giant steps year after year, so people said before the 1997 first Mr. Olympia "The Coleman will make this year a surprise '. At the Mr. O 1997 gabs to it yet, but several days later when Russia Grand Prix, where you could win against Nasser and Kevin Levrone the show.

Yes, but I'm lost in the six contests before that victory. Back then we had 7 show in 11 days after the Mr. Olympia and the Russian Grand Prix was the last. In the contests before that I was always 5.4 times or third parties.

Then in 1998 was the year of your breakthrough. At first people Flex Wheeler had all been announced as the next Mr. Olympia, and then you came and did him the title snatched from his nose. What do you think, what was it like for him?

I do not know, that's a good question. You have the opportunity at times to ask him yourself. But I do not think he was particularly happy about it.

But everyone has already talked about at that time about what he has for great genes. Ultimately, then hats but not enough. Would you ever say he had the mental strength to become Mr. Olympia?

That in any case. Flex Wheeler had everything you needed to be Mr. Olympia, he has not only worked just hard enough.

In the history of the Mr. Olympia about 200 athletes competed, but ultimately only 12 men could ever win the Sandow statue. What does it take to be Mr. Olympia?

You have to be the best thing in the doing of something. You must train harder than the next guy who stands on stage with you. You have to be totally fixated on yours. I've trained three times as hard as the guys who were with me on stage. If you watch my video, and even look at one of their videos, then you see the difference.

As you can already see a 'small' difference :-) But just for the video so many people have criticized that it is not such a style of training can take a long time. You've been 20 years in professional sport and still going strong. What have you for a kind of body?

I have the body for bodybuilding pardon was ever given by God to a human. I do not know why I was chosen to be the best representative for that sport has ever had. I thought it would not choose myself, but God has chosen this for me.

... And all your competitors out of the 90s are now retired and you're still here. I've heard you this December at the Miami Masters with Pro do?

Yes, I think about it seriously. I have currently some problems with my back, but I think in September I can say with certainty that I will be present at the Miami show.

As a former Mr. Olympia, you're qualified for life for any Mr. Olympia show. There may be a chance that we'll see you in Las Vegas, surprisingly on the stage?

No, no way! I have my back because an intervention can make a week ago and there still need about 2 months until the completely healed, is thus eliminated from Las Vegas to me. -

For our German gibts indeed a very special year and Although the year 2002, when Gunther Schlierkamp could beat you as a reigning Mr. Olympia at the GNC Show of Strength.
What memories do you have time at the competition?

I do not feel like I have then lost the show. Actually, I think I would then have to win the show. If you look at the pictures, then you can see that the judges at that time just with your decision had anything against me. But, for me anyway, only one of the Mr. Olympia. If you hit me in the Mr. Olympia, then you've accomplished something, but such a small show, which is not the point.

But you are successful not only on stage but also in the bodybuilding business. And there are just a novelty for the Europeans, maybe you can tell us more?

Yes, I will start in September, my own supplement line exclusively for Europe, "Ronnie Coleman Signature Series" where we will have to start two products in its range.
Once "Resurect PM" a product that promote recovery and should be taken before bedtime and once a booster of the "Myobliz" calls.

Could you bring in your own experience in the products?
Yes, I always wanted to find a product that works well for me. While there are a number of products on the market, but for example. the other training boosters were just too weak. A product that works well for me that works well with each other well. We start first with two products and at the end are a range of products may have 8.

.. And no one like you 20 years of experience in professional bodybuilding, which he can throw into the balance.
Right! I've learned a little on the way to my success.

You have previously said in an interview how important is training hard for the success, the role played by the right supplement?
They are just as important, how hard to train. You will not have a good workout if you're not really full of energy. Therefore, we have just the beginning, these two products: You have to be well rested and this energy can be mobilized for training.

Who is your favorite to win the Mr. Olympia title this year?
Hmm, I think Phil Heath wins the race!

What do you think: If you take the guys from the 90s, so Dorian, Flex, Kevin, and Nasser and with the professionals from the present day would put on a stage, who would win?

We were the guys from the 90s today
"Kill", we are much more massive than the professionals are back in the 90s, which would have no chance.

Thank you for this exclusive interview for Body-Xtreme. There may still be something you want to tell you the fans in Germany

The fans in Europe are for me the best fans in the world. I get out of Europe twice as much response from the fans to be like in the States, which is why I am always looking forward in Europe. I will I soon be with you!
Thank you also for the interview!

Interview with Ronnie Coleman

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