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Genetics - body types in bodybuilding: ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph

To which type do you belong?

Genetics is determined at birth and can not be changed later. However, you can outwit your genetics with the aid of regular exercise. William Sheldon introduced in 30 years, three different body types, until now with medical and scientific point of view used. It was suggested three types: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. However, no one can make an accurate classification of specific people, as every man of mixed type and has only some parts of the three body types.

Genetics - body types in bodybuilding


- Narrow shoulders
- Narrow hips
- Narrow chest
- Poor regeneration
- Poor muscle
- Low in fat accumulation

Ectomorph people are usually very thin. His body is slender and slightly muscular. Its advantage is that it can even have a lot of fast food, but is unlikely to accumulate fat. Ectomorph people for bodybuilding are suitable least of all because the muscles will grow slowly and refuse to grow at the slightest neglect of high calorie foods. Diet for people ectomorphs easy to perform, and definite form of muscles is reached within a few weeks. Thus, these athletes are particularly suitable for male fitness.


- Broad shoulders
- Thin waist
- Large chest
- Optimal recovery
- The best muscle building
- Moderate fat accumulation

The man who has mesomorphic type perfectly predisposed to bodybuilding, because it has the best position to build muscle. Mesomorphic people are predisposed moderate fat accumulation, can also easily reduce body fat, therefore, much better than the endomorph. People mesomorphs have optimal metabolism, they are able to quickly build muscle and reduce body fat if necessary. This is especially important for professional bodybuilders, as appropriate settings in the diet leads to success much faster.


- Broad shoulders
- Wide hips
- Big chest
- Good recovery
- Good muscle building
- A lot of fat accumulation

Humans endomorphic easily accumulate fat, but also easily gain muscle mass. This weight gain is associated with a predisposition to obesity and it is not always the best quality, and they are predisposed to water retention in the body. Endomorphic people must especially pay attention to diet, because without sufficient discipline in the diet to get a good quality of the muscles will be very difficult. Due to the slow metabolism endomorphic people must in addition to weight training routine to include cardio sessions in their preparations for the control of genetic fat.

The history of fitness and bodybuilding is not one time it showed that no matter what type of body you have, you can with appropriate training, diet and discipline reach their goals.

Good luck in training and I wish you health!

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