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Evolution of Bodybuilding Trailer

Evolution of Bodybuilding Trailer

Shawn Ray comes as co-producer of the film "Evolution of Bodybuilding" on, is shown in which the development of sport through the last years and decades.

In the film, come on, inter alia, Joe Weider, who invented the Mr. Olympia, Larry and Scott, who won this race first.

Jay Cutler admits he woke in the middle of the night his wife, because it could not believe that he is Mr. Olympia now.

Lebrada for Lee remembers his participation at the Mr. Olympia Lee Haney as he waited for the announcement at the end of the winner and he felt like in free fall, as Haney's name was mentioned.

Shawn Ray says that he had beaten everyone in bodybuilding, with two exceptions: Lee Haney, whom I had never beaten, and Dorian Yates, he had never beaten.

Check out below the movie trailer that is to be completed in December.

Evolution of Bodybuilding Trailer

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