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Arnold Schwarzenegger in a 64 birthday gave the museum

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a 64 birthday gave the museum

July 30 64th birthday celebrating Arnold Schwarzenegger. In honor of Arnold Schwarzenegger opened a museum dedicated to the legendary bodybuilder, actor and person, but this time in the house where he was born and raised iron Arnie. The house is located in the village of Tal near the city of Graz. This is not the first museum dedicated to life in this outstanding actor and politics, but is sure to become one of the most significant, because the museum building itself is the main exhibit. Also in the house kept the environment in which he lived, Arnold, supplemented by museum photos, dumbbells, Arnie, dummies, and many other exhibits related to the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Watch a video of the event.

Link to another video Museum house Arnold

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