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World Masters PRO 2011

World Masters PRO 2011
I have already published the news about the fate of Ronnie Coleman in the tournament World Masters PRO 2011.

Now, the official news about the tournament. December 10 Hall Jackie Gleason Theatre in Miami Beach, the tournament World Masters PRO , the scene of which should come out at the same time the three " Mr. Olympia "- Ronnie Coleman, Dexter Jackson and Samir Bannu, Stan Masters Olympia winner Frederick 2002, and other well-known veterans of the professional IFBB: Chris Cormier, Paul Yablonitsky, Tony Freeman, Troy Alves, Charls Durham, who recently retired from competitive bodybuilding, and Dennis James Harry Stride and many others.

Organizer of the tournament - IFBB Professional League promoter Dzharka Laurie. Claimed a prize of $ 240 000 dollars. It seems fighting is strong, because the fight is over that!

And this was the scene where the fight will be the master. Official Site

World Masters PRO 2011

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