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The Road to Mr. Olympia 2011 beginning

The Road to Mr. Olympia 2011 beginning
Today it hit me! I suddenly remembered about the most important and anticipated event in the world of bodybuilding - "Mr.Olympia." How could I forget about it! But the race has begun! Participants who were qualified to "Mr. Olympia 2011" is about three weeks ago, came to the finish line a long three months - of diet, training, treatment.

Today, before the "Mr. Olympia" remained for 72 days and I am starting a series of message posts, as it is called in the annual bodybuilding video on "The Road to Mr. Olympia 2011".

Last year I was rooting for Phil Heath, this year also. He lights up a little this year in MasMedia, I think that with all his might want to move Jay Cutler and not sprayed on small events.

Jay Cutler this year to train harder than in the past, because he lost to Phil Heath very little.

But now I'm still wondering how to prepare Kai Greene. He will make all efforts to rehabilitate himself after the failure at last year's Olympia. He pointed to the IFBB NY Pro 2011, that he still can do superform.

Brench Warren? It also has the potential to become "Mr. Olympia 2011" and on it he hinted at the Arnold Classic 2011, becoming the new winner of the tournament.

Victor Martinez is not satisfied with the decision of the judges on the AK 2011 may well become angry and shoot with high quality and solid muscle.

Dexter Jackson realizing that prepared for the spring season is bad, can pull themselves together and, in addition to his authority will give excellent quality.

Is gaining momentum again Dennis Wolff, who has rehabilitated himself in AK 2011.

Ronnie Rokel, steadily improving the quality of muscles and proportions of every season.

How to prepare Eugene Mishin, will move there in the top ten? Or policy IFBB again spoil everything.

Also, Evan Tsentopani, Hidetada Yamagishi, Johnny Jackson, Rollie Vinklaar and some newcomers to the big "O".

In publishing this post, I feel nervous trembling in anticipation of the light. "Olympia 2011" is intriguing. I look forward to and, as always, if you will be online broadcasts, will watch the Olympia at any time of day!

But the official trailer for "Olympia 2011". When I watched it again I would like on stage, smell the greasepaint and the entire drive for competitive bodybuilding.

The Road to Mr. Olympia 2011 beginning

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