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What is the best cardio exercise for weight loss - elliptical machine

I recently got a letter with a question: "What is the best cardio exercise for weight loss?". Without hesitation I wrote this post.

Personally, I think best exercise for weight loss - elliptical orbitrek. In this simulator are involved in almost all the muscles of the body. This means that a lot of calories burned, even more than on a treadmill, that training only lower body.

Orbitrek simulates cross-country skiing. It is almost silent. But there have elliptical trainer for weight loss minor shortcomings: it overall and expensive. One might say the ideal choice for affluent family with a spacious apartment.

When I'm preparing for a competition, I stick low-calorie diet and a lot of cardio on the train.

Here is an example of my intense cardio exercise for weight loss using elliptic orbitrek:

In the beginning I have been working on an elliptical orbitreke for one minute at maximum capacity. It's not so easy! After that I go on the treadmill and walk fast for 5 minutes. Then again, elliptical trainer and treadmill orbitrek. And so in one hour I combine these cardio.
This cardio training I got excellent results for losing weight and burning calories. I reduced the weight by 20 kg in three months.

Sometimes I just work one hour on an elliptical orbitreke and watch on television bodybuilding competition.

The best cardio exercise for weight loss - elliptical machine

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