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Tampa PRO 2011 - Results

Tampa PRO 2011 - Results
On June 24-25, Florida has passed the PRO-tournament "2011 Ifbb Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships" better known as "Tampa PRO 2011." Despite the presence of hardened professionals like Hidetade Yamagishi, Mark Dugdale, and many others, won the little-known pro from South Africa Marius Dohne, which is only a second PRO-show. The secret to success, according to the champion, is in collaboration with the "magic fairy" by George Farah. With a lag of 10 points, second place went to Hidetade Yamagishi. Restrain their promise, the third was Frank Makgras, while Brandon Kyura, a week earlier on a ball costing Makgrasa in a tournament in Toronto, Florida ranked only eighth place.

Tampa PRO 2011 - Results

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