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Run lose weight

Run lose weight
Run lose weight
One of the best ways to shed pounds to lose weight by run. Start-up - this is a very effective method to reduce weight and maintain it. The biggest problem for those who want to lose weight and get in good shape makes a successful plan for a long time. Many people who start a running program, stay working, because like it. We all want to be in good shape, but sometimes arguing that this is a real problem. To understand how we are lose the weight by running, it is necessary to understand at first, the processes of weight loss and weight gain:

You must spend 3,500 calories more than a pound of fat each, who want to lose.
Each person has a unique metabolic rate, depending on age, sex and weight. This amount of energy being burned every day.
Calorie restriction diet can make a lot of our body to slow down their metabolism so the body will actually spend less energy when we were hungry.
Exercise speeds up metabolism. They increase heart rate and production of additional muscle mass. Muscles - A furnace for burning fat.
Walking or jogging at only one mile will burn about 100 calories.

Run lose weight

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