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Lionel Beyeke - interesting progress.

Lionel Beyeke - interesting progress.

One of the pleasant surprises «New-York Pro'2011» became a successful performance at this prestigious tournament Lionel Beyeke, which was made ​​subject to the fourth place. According to many experts, it could well be a place in the prize form, this form showed the Frenchman! Within a very short period of time Beek scored not much, not enough - 15 pounds of dry muscle, weighing 115 kg, exhibited in New York for a truly professional quality. But the Frenchman was surprised not only that! Taking this tournament qualify for the Olympia, he decided not to participate in the Olympia! Following the start where you will see this talented guy is June 17-18 at the «Toronto Pro», after which Beek will focus on preparing for «FLEX Pro'12».

Lionel Beyeke - interesting progress.

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