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Mike Mentzer training heavy duty workouts routines

Mike Mentzer training  heavy duty workouts routinesAuthor techniques Mike Mentzer "heavy duty" , was a supporter of the heavy, super-intense training in bodybuilding, which is based, and his theory. His theory has stirred up the world of bodybuilding and overturned the established concepts about the training.

The essence of the method Mike Mentzer "heavy duty" : All training is conducted in a heavy, high-intensity mode, with an interval of three days in the fourth. The complex consists of one or two exercises for muscle groups, performed individually or in the Super Series. Each exercise is performed one working high-intensity approach, or Super Series to muscular failure, after having made ​​one or two warm-up approach.

As a result, the muscle group trained twice a week, which ensures good recovery trainees functions and muscle growth .



1. Reduction of the hands in the simulator or breeding lying on the horizontal bar, supersets with ...

2. Press on an incline bench

(Preferably in the simulator Smith).


1. Pullover in the simulator "Nautilus"

or pullover with dumbbells, supersets with ...

2. Pull down the narrow reverse grip.

3. Normal (not on straight legs) deadlift.

Friday Leg

1. Leg extension, supersets with ...

2. Leg press.

3.Calf standing.

Tuesday Delta

1. Lifts dumbbells laterally (better in the simulator)

2. Breeding in the slope

(Better version of the simulator )


1. Lift barbell for biceps standing

2. Bench press down on the block with supersets ...

3. Dips.

Saturday Leg

1. Supersets of leg extensions ...

2. Squats (preferably in the simulator Smith)

3. Calf Raises

Wednesday beginning a new cycle

Mike Mentzer video

Mike Mentzer training heavy duty workouts routines

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