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Ronnie Coleman is back!

Ronnie Coleman is back!
Ronnie Coleman is back!
Nearly four years passed after an eight Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman completed his competetive career, which can be considered, perhaps the most prominent and colorful all-time Pro bodybuilding. But before describing the story of his legendary achievements, I must say that this story is another chapter!

According to information provided by the «Pro Bodybuilding Weekly» radio, Ronnie Coleman is planning to go on stage and compete in this year's IFBB Pro World Master Championships. Dec. 10 Tournament will be held in Miami Beach, Florida. During the broadcast on »Pro Bodybuilding Weekly» radio, Dan Solomon, Lee Thompson and Chad Nichols reported that they had received confirmation from the founders of the contest, as well as the approximate Coleman, that "Big Ron" back in the gym and focused on 10 December.

Well, Ronnie Coleman is back! Let not the Mr. Olympia, but this is good news and it will be interesting to all. We'll wait.


Ronnie Coleman is back!

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