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Pre-exhaustion - not an effective method of training?!

Not so long ago, Muscle & Fitness magazine has published some article in which "crushed" method of pre-fatigue in bodybuilding . It turned out that although this method and increases the power and scope, it is not as effective as other methods in bodybuilding , because pre-fatigue inactivates muscles.

Many athletes are practicing pre-fatigue (performance isolation of exercise before of the base, for example, breeding with dumbbells lying before bench press) for a maximum load of muscle .

Swedish scientists have identified the lack of pre-fatigue method is that in a subsequent compounding moving target muscle is less activated. To determine this, they measured the electrical activity in muscles, using electromyography.

Hypertrophy of the muscle depends on muscle tension and its duration. Pre-fatigue limit stress, which may create a subsequent exercise , and, accordingly, operating weight in it.


I'd add. As the saying goes "farther into the forest ...". I remember, Mike Menttser only him and took advantage of the "supertreningah. But I can say that personally I was getting a good Pumping using this method. I would not have to write off this trick. Sometimes it can be used to surprise the muscles.

Pre-exhaustion - not an effective method of training?!

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