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Pittsburgh Pro 2011 guest posing

Pittsburgh Pro 2011 guest posing

Best of the best IFBB Pro deviziona came on stage last night to please the guest appearances at the tournament Pittsburgh Pro 2011, which was held in Orlando. On a stage lit main contenders for the throne of "Mr. Olympia 2011 - Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Jay Cutler, Brench Warren, Dexter Jackson, Dennis Wolf and Toney Freeman.

Of interest is a tournament that invited pros posing during mass. You can see who and how to progress, who relaxed, and who holds a "half-forms." Also, it is interesting that on the stage of the athletes are at ease, often joking.
It is interesting to watch Kai Green guest posing, as he is in good shape, as prepared for New York about 2011, and, as always, it posing original.

Also at the tournament pleased with the fair sex. Girls competed in the categories FIGURE and BIKINI. Looking at these beauties, I thought: "How do they keep themselves constantly in shape?"
In general, there is something to see.

Free round for pros

Kai Green burning



Pittsburgh Pro 2011 guest posing

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