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Muscle training Program "maximum"

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In my Russian blog about bodibuilding there are many good reviews on this training program of experienced bodybuilders.

This training program I called "maximum" because it trains fast and slow twitch muscle fibers that gives the maximum training effect for muscle building.

Muscle training Program Maximum

This training program perfectly combines the ability to recover of muscles, damage during exercise, with the need for regular and relatively frequent workouts to improve the working capacity of muscles, to stimulate growth in the number of myofibrils under the influence of the natural growth hormone and creatine, that are produced in during exercise, as well as makes it possible to combat excessive adaptation and reduce the sensitivity of the muscles to the load that has a good effect on muscle hypertrophy.

1. Bench press
2. incline bench press barbell

1. Bending with Z-barbell
2. Curls on a bench with a dumbbell Scott

1. Close grip bench press
2. Pushdown

abdominal - 3 * 20 any exercise

1. squats

2. extension

1. Lying leg curls
2. Deadlift-legged
1. Calf press


1. Seated press
2. Lateral raise

1. barbell Shrugs
1. Pulldown
2. Bent over barbell row

3. Breeding in the slope (back delta)

Workout program is an alternation of loads: in the first week - workout with heavy weights, training for fast muscle fibers. In the second week - workout s with light weights by a principle Super Series, workouts for slow muscle fibers. In the third week - workout with maximum weights, training the central nervous system, working for strength. So, first, second and third weeks alternated one after the other for 12 weeks. Then roll back by one week, no training at all! Then again follow the workout plan from the beginning, but exercise should be replaced with new ones.

Explanations for training fast twitch fibers. Weight increases with each heavy week, ie each workout for fast fibers! Namely, in the first week to perform 12 repetitions in a set, in the second week - 10, in the third - 8, at the fourth - 6. Every exercise, perform one warm-up approach. But in the very first exercise in training must do three warm-up approach. In the first week, make one working approach to failure of the muscles, in the second week - two, on the third - three, the fourth method should add a super-heavy, such as ** forced reps, number of sets 3. Weight is selected so that the planned number of repetitions to perform at maximum strength. Example: if 12 repetitions, the last repetition should be the most severe.

IMPORTANT! Rest between work sets 5 minutes! This is to reduce the muscle deterioration due to the accumulation of hydrogen ions in the muscle!

To reduce training time, you can do the trick: You can train the muscles in parallel. I do so. On the example of the first day. I train chest, according to the plan, but the biceps and triceps alternate. Approach for biceps, 2.5 min rest, makes the approach for the triceps, then again 2.5 min rest, then set for biceps, rest 2.5 min, triceps.

It is important that you do not feel over-tired! Thus from the end of the approach for biceps and triceps before the next approach is at least 5 minutes. Rocking the maneuver perfectly. Hands are inflated as "balls."

** Forced reps. The essence of the method: after set after the failure of muscles, you must do with your partner extra one or two reps.

Explanation of training for slow fibers. Exercises are performed according to the method in Super Series static-dynamic mode. For this case exercise is performed as follows: for 30 seconds work, then rest 30 seconds, then 30 seconds to do exercise and then rest 30 seconds, then 30 seconds exercise and rest 5 minutes. Ie one super series (one approach) lasts for 2 min and 30 seconds, then rest 5 minutes and again Super Series etc. Each exercise should be done three Super Series.
Stato-dynamic mode - this means that the muscle under constant tension, but there is stretching and muscle contraction. Exercises are performed in single amplitude. For example: curl with Z-bar - bend hands full, but not unbend to the end of the amplitude, the range approximately 3/4 of the amplitude, bench press - Lower the barbell up to touch chest, but did not press home the amplitude, do not straighten hands.

Important feature! Within 30 seconds of exercise, you get pain in the trainees muscle, it is also called "burning sensation." Need to do the exercise slowly, preventing the muscles even for a moment to relax. Load of about 25% of the maximum working weight. No more!

Recall that the rest between sets 5 minutes or alternating sets for muscle antagonists.

Explanations for strength training. Exercises are performed with a weight of 95-100%. Number of reps - 2 or 3. Exercises are not performing to failure! The amplitude of short exercises. For example, in the bench press to lower the barbell to about half of the amplitude, the deadlift performed with coasters. Number of sets 3-5. Perform only the first exercise for each muscle group of the above program of exercises. Rest between sets and five minutes.

Muscle training Program "maximum"

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