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Seven super methods pumping hands of champions

Each of these seven methods you can use the "awakening" of his who had fallen asleep in the arms, and as a means to combat the gathering "stagnation." I recommend that every bodybuilder from time to time to incorporate these techniques into your daily training program to add a little fresh air.

7 super methods pumping champion of hands


Intensity! Here's the key factor! If you want to get your hands have grown, they must be properly "load." More weight? No weight has nothing to do with it. I invite you to a very different reception.
Try to "listen" to each repetition of the set. Keep repeating as if it were to exercise only!
Close your eyes. Forget about everything and try to "feel" their biceps (triceps). Begin the exercise only after the special, with nothing comparable to a narrowed consciousness becomes steady. Slowly! Even slower! So, mentally checking every inch of movement, make a repeat from the beginning to the end. Without opening his eyes, begin the second repetition.
And then force yourself to forget about the one that is already done. No, you're just starting an exercise and perform the first repetition of the very first! .. Since using this technique, Tom Platz "pumped up" their incomparable feet, no doubt, that is the case with your hands the result is the same.


Many of us are treading water just because the same are prepared to do until his death. Did you know that one set of "working" no longer than six weeks? But how then to be a well-known theory of Arnold that the complex must be the most effective exercise? Could do a retreat in the direction of marginal movements?
No, if you found a truly percussive combination of exercises, he should not be changed. Just three or four weeks is necessary to modify the complex, leaving alone the main thing - do exercises. Choose one thing: reduce rest between sets, increase the number of sets, lift speed of the reps, change exercises in places, reduce or increase the grip on the contrary in the exercises with a barbell instead of a direct take fingerboard bent, change the shape of the exercise (eg, stem the rise in replace dumbbells for biceps) ...


I do not argue, supersets for arms - this superspace. However, the combination of exercises for the muscles of antagonists
of the same biceps and triceps can be quite different and no less effective.
Here's how it's done. The general principle is to rotate exercises. No, not the individual sets of exercises, namely their own movement. Take for example the rise of the biceps with the barbell bench press and French. First, you do 5 sets of lifts, then rest a minute or two and do 5 sets bench press. Then again, relax and return to the five sets to rise and so on
Since in this technique, a muscle "waiting" another much longer than in the superset, then restored it better. As a result, you will be able to collect not less than 20 total sets per workout! This is surprising, because the supersets will not let you do even half that amount! Accordingly will result!
This technique does not need to add some other exercises. Practice it twice a week for a month.


Train your hands twice in the first week and once - in the second.
Of course, we all have often heard that, well, small and large muscles require different recovery period. Least because the "swing" their accounts for different loads. Less muscle - less weight and vice versa. This seems logical, since the action of large scale collapses more muscle cells. Consequently, and recovery will take longer. This thesis formed the basis of many splits that involve "pumping" the hands of three, four and even six days a week.
Remember that once people thought that the sun revolves around the Earth. What boldness of thought needed to suggest the opposite! We will try and refute the obvious. Imagine that the current rules are false recovery: small muscles require a very long holiday. Let's try to "shake" hands twice a week, and then only once (in the middle of the second week), then
again twice and then only one ...
I assure you, you will be shocked by the outcome of this cycle! Any time during a single workout your arms will be fantastic to add to the "mass" and strength!


This technique I learned in 1979 from Robbie Robinson. His hands are second only to the hands of Arnold. Reception is very simple and very effective. All you need, so it's bar and some guy your level of preparedness. A pair of aspirin does not prevent you both.
Stand facing each other at a small distance - up to half a meter. Take a barbell and do slowly and emphatically just one rep curls. Lowering the bar, pass it over to his partner. Let it also makes one repetition and return the rod to you ...
Continue to exercise as you can.
This kind of mysticism, but with a barbell, you usually pick up no more than 8 times, you can do no less than 30 reps!
When I tried this method first, then the next morning barely able to independently slide out of bed. Use this technique only once a week for a month. With the advent of a new week to raise the barbell weight 1.5 kg.


I had seen many things in my life. I saw the hand of Arnold, Robbie Robinson, and even Ferrigo, Dorian Yates. Believe me, it's impressive. But far more impressive when you see the exact same hands the unknown guy who trains with you there. A similar story befallen me in California. There I saw a really rocking with monstrous hands. Imagine, he has done nothing but curls with a barbell. The bar weighed somewhere pounds 50. In the set was 8-10 reps. But it sets itself ...
At first I did not even understand what actually happens. He made a set and started to relax. It seemed to me that this relaxation will not end. He had a long with someone talking, then sat down and drank a beverage from a plastic jar, the took the receiver out of the bag and shook his hands, then he even left the room to the beach ... He then returned to the bar
and took the second set. And once again began an endless vacation. I tried to note the time on the clock. It turned out that the minimum interval of recovery he has won no less than 10 minutes. As far as the upper limit, it simply was not there!
That's how he spent in the room all day. Seth followed Seth ...
When I approached him and complimented his big hands, he smiled indulgently: "Big? Yes, you did not see the hands of my brothers! I am a youngest in the family ... "


Well, if you do not have time to spend whole days in the gym and do sets with an interval of half an hour, I would suggest you another technique - slow supersets. It takes much less time. To produce a shock take superset combination of curls with a barbell and dips for triceps. Instead of doing the second exercise after the first, arrange the 2-minute break. Perform set ups, rest exactly two minutes and then begin to push ...
Find that between the same sets of exercises we have at least 4-5 minutes of pure relaxation (much more than the usual
superset). This allows you to lift the weight bar, ie maximize the value of all combinations of exercises!
No less productive and will be back a step. Lose weight rod, but the actual ups (push-ups and!) Do quickly. Strive to ensure that the entire amount of work put in the time interval that is shorter than twice the original.

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