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Ronnie Rockel MR. EUROPA PRO 2011 video

Ronnie Rockel.MR. EUROPA PRO 2011 video

Last night in Madrid, Spain, Ronnie Rockel away the winner of the 2011 IFBB European Grand Prix (Mr.Europe PRO 2011) . Balanced Rockel pushed Roelly Winklaar and James "Flex" Lewis, who finished second and third place respectively.

James "Flex" Lewis was a big surprise to perform well in the category of IFBB pro, just a week after winning the 202 category at the British Grand Prix.
In a tournament played Sergei Shelestov, which is now coached by Alexander Vishnevsy. Sergei took seventh place and, unfortunately, has not been qualified for the Olympia 2011. One could say that Sergei shows this season competetive good shape.

1. Ronny Rockel
2. Roelly Winklaar
3. James "Flex" Lewis
4. Robert Piotrkowicz
5. Toney Freeman
6. Essa Obiad
7. Sergey Shelestov
8. Thomas Bengali
9. Alvin Small
10. Marcos Chacon

Ronnie Rockel.MR. EUROPA PRO 2011

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