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Gain muscle without steroids. Is it possible?

Gain muscle without steroids. Is it possible?
Is it possible to bodybuilding without steroids ? Or in other words: Is it possible to pump up the muscles without the use of anabolic steroids, the so-called chemistry?

Offhand answer - yes, probably!

I am often in gyms had heard rumors that without the use of steroids can not be inflated. So can say only those who are a couple of months to train in the gym and not seeing the big biceps made for himself such a conclusion. Also, can think those who practice a while and have not achieved good results began to use anabolic steroids, and then of course the same thing went. Oh, and those who did not want to learn and seek answers to the questions inherent in the "His Majesty bodybuilding!".

Many may now think that I drive on steroids and leading advocacy against the use of anabolic steroids, but he absolutely does not look like a natural bodybuilder! No, I'm not an opponent of pharmacology. I have since 1999 in competitive bodybuilding and my attitude to the "chemistry", which I plan to write a future article. In this post I will answer the question "Is it possible to bodybuilding without steroids?", As I understand it.

Why do I have such confidence declare that the muscle pump without chemicals that possible? Because I was always confident that the human body is "almost" perfect. We can not be so frail, so as not to adapt to the load, which exposes us to bodybuilding! This adaptation is expressed once again to increase muscle mass and strength. Confirmation of this increase in mass and strength in novice bodybuilders, but the fact that almost all beginners and not only after some time, faced with stagnant results, the so-called "plateau" - this is the question of the correct application of training, recovery time, etc .

Bodybuilding without steroids is possible! The only difference in the amount of time to achieve a certain result. Without steroids stable result possible only when proper training and proper diet and rest. These factors are important, because without pharmacology body reacts quickly to the lack of something or a surplus, such as loads, and it can be in slowing down the results.

If you are using anabolic steroids can be trained, practically, on any circuit training and the result will be. As one scholar said, a professor of popular movie about steroids: "Anyone, even the genetically gifted is not in terms of sports people using steroids (even with poor nutrition and lack of rest) will leave behind a born and experienced athlete did not take steroids!".

To train without steroids, it should work correctly, like a clock. This means proper training, nutrition and rest!

Returning to the idea of ​​"ideal" human body, I want to say that the cause of failure in gyms can be a time-this is the "ideal". And that's why! Training - is stress. The body is always trying to adapt to any stress and external stimuli. It is protected! And he does it so well that a couple of months of intensive training, during which there were good results, the body adapts to them and they have a special stress on the body can not produce, and thus the growth results were not observed. This period is commonly called a "plateau".

On the other hand. Increased muscle mass and strength - it is also a kind of protection. For example, to reduce stress on the bench press with a barbell 100kg for 8 reps to failure, the body, with appropriate nutrition and rest, increase strength and mass of pectoral muscles, triceps, anterior deltoids, and ligaments become stronger for it, and the next workout, the same load will be overcome easily, so stress will not, and stimulation to muscle hypertrophy, too, will not.

Paradoxical situation? Intense exercise provokes an increase in muscle mass and they also inhibit this process.

The question arises: "What right?". What can I say?

Read, looking for information, experiment, keep a diary. Yes, it may take time, but what else can not see.
There is a coach! But knowing the answers to specific questions raised in this post, very little.
On my own I recommend to study the information contained sports doctors, scientists and professors who
dealing with issues of physical culture and sports.

I did on my blog I recommend Old obtained from our own experience and observations of my Trust, which provides answers to many questions in bodybuilding, including the question of the post.

Gain muscle without steroids. Is it possible?

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