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2011 FIBO Power Pro Championships

2011 FIBO Power Pro Championships
April 14 in the German town of Essen started an international sports exhibition FIBO 2011. "You see how many people came here just do not give to relax!" - Described what is happening in the halls Exhibition Center Alexei Lesukov. Submit their sponsors in Germany came the world of professional bodybuilding star: Lee Priest, Ronnie Coleman, Dennis Folf and others. His sports nutrition, presented Kevin Levrone.

Results 2011 FIBO Power Pro Championships:

1. Dexter Jackson
2. Ronny Rockel
3. Roelly Winklaar
4. Johnnie Jackson
5. Michael Kefalianos
6. Robert Piotrkowicz
7. Tarek Elsetouhi
8. Essa Ibrahim Obaid
9. Ben Pakulski
10. Thomas Benagli
11. Oleg Emelyanov
12. Alexandre Nataf
13. Mario Van Steenberghe
14. Cvetko Stojmenovski
15. Martin Kjellstrom
16. Danius Brazinskas
17. Jorge Barrios

2011 FIBO Power Pro Championships

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