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Training program for weight loss "circular"

Training Program for the relief

Feature: helps to reduce body fat, increases endurance, helps speed up metabolism.

Training program for weight loss Example:
1.bench press barbell lying or dumbbells
2.Cable Pulldown or Barbell Bent-over Row dumbbells standing
4.squats or leg press (better than squats)
5.Barbell Deadlift
6 Lying Leg-Hip Raise

For a given training program, selected basic exercises, which is involved the maximum number of muscles, ie the most energy-intensive. Heavy training is conducted not more frequently than once a week or even less the rest - the lungs. On heavy in each exercise for 2 sets warm-up + 1-2 business to failure, repetitions of 8 to 12, rest between sets 5 minutes, the exercises do not carry around, and in series, ie, perform all the approaches to one muscle group and then at another, etc. To easily workout perform all excercise in 4 sets with a weight of 55-60% of the maximum working weight to 15 repetitions. All the exercises on a light training run in a circle, monotone, almost without rest, but without straining. Just a little shake up the muscles, ie fill with blood.

In a circle - this means: execute Exercise number 1, then once-panel number 2, then - № 3, etc. Total: get 4 rounds. If there is a hall of cardio fitness machine, you can work to complete, but also without tension 20-30 min. During light training, if in the gym occupied by the needed inventory, without delay, take another free and do a similar exercise (bench press bar is busy - do dumbbell bench press). On heavy workout desirable to do everything according to plan. If body weight is not reduced - we remove more carbohydrates and replacing them with salad or apples or any fruit. Drink coffee to customize your metabolism.

For more advice on nutrition in the section " How to make a relief muscle? Or as dry muscle? "

How to pump up muscles?

Training program for weight loss "circular"

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