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Complex workouts for the businessmen

Complex workouts for the businessmenBusiness - it is such a thing, which can take from you everything: a wife, children, friends, holidays, newspapers, books, hobbies, and many, many things. But one thing you're not in any way should not give him up without a fight - their own health. I understand myself something you think you have time for regular exercise you certainly will not suffice. In the meantime, you're wrong. What do you train for hours? Modern bodybuilding has taken care of such a tough guy, like you, and come up with a unique training system. Imagine some 40 minutes three times a week, and you will feel re-born. Well, interested? Then go ahead!

From the beginning, forget about the grueling trips to the gym after work, when it was full of people and do not breathe. All about everything you would be enough for a lunch break. In addition, physical activity in the middle of the day perfectly and refresh your brain and body. You'll see, and things will get better! So that left no doubt over the office door and hurry to the gym. A total of 40 minutes, and you'll be all right!

In bodybuilding, the lack of time - this is not a hindrance. Even for the shortest possible time to workout "pump" the whole muscle. The main thing - to choose the right exercises. The fact that some exercises are designed for one or two muscles, but what others can load multiple muscle groups. Clearly, the less time the more complex it is of such exercises.

First, a little theory. Pectoral muscles, deltoids and triceps - it's the muscles that work when you are "repelled" by burdening yourself. The back and biceps, on the contrary, are included when you "pull" burdening to him. (Muscles of the legs - quadriceps and hamstrings - it is a special subject. As for the calves and the press, then with them, we also deal with later). "Push" muscles correspond to the "pushing" exercises: bench press, bench press or dumbbell bar with chest dips. «Tyanuschim» - «tyanuschie» uprazhneniya: tyaga shtangi, ganteley ili bloka to the waist, tyaga bar to grudi stoya, tyaga upper unit to grudi for golovu. Legs "swing" two exercises: squats and leg presses in the simulator.


Each workout should be a joy. And it will not work if train monotonous. That's why every time re-choose from the suggested "range» 1-2 "pull" and "pushing" exercises, an exercise on their feet, plus exercises and calf press (their description can be found at the end of the article).


Without it, you can not do. You can not coach "cold" muscles, or injury is possible. To begin with 5 minutes. Running on the spot, jumping, rotations hands, sit-ups, etc. And then before each exercise, do two warm-up sets with light weight.


Typically, one exercise is done at 8-10 reps. This is called a series or set. But that's not all. Depending on the level of bodybuilders perform in Exercise 2 to 4 sets.
The exception is calves and abs. Here, as a rule, 4-5 sets of 15-25 reps. If you are a beginner, while the norm of two sets of 8-10 reps for each exercise.


Bench Press
Work: breast, Delta, triceps

Bench press can be run on a horizontal or inclined bench and in the simulator. So, go back down on a bench and grip the neck, lying on the racks, grip slightly wider than shoulder width. Remove the bar from the racks and slowly lower it to her chest. Here linger for a moment and begin to reverse the movement.

Work: breast, Delta, triceps

Dips effectively "draws" the bottom of pectoral muscles and increasing the shock strength and volume of the triceps. Take the emphasis on the bars and slowly lower yourself down by bending your elbows. Stay in that position, which does not cause discomfort in the joints of shoulder strain and start to rise to its original position.

Work: the delta area of ​​the upper pectoral muscles, triceps

Bench press with your chest.
In the starting position the bar should rest on your chest (grip slightly wider than shoulder width). However, to put it in this position, never lift it off the floor - this can result in injury to the back. Take the barbell from the high racks. Then slowly squeeze it on straight arms, stay in this position for a moment and begin to lower it to its original position on the chest.

Bench bar because of the head.
In this exercise, weight rod should be small, otherwise you may injure the joints apart. But even the bar is never easy to lift from the floor to lead to the launch position - the head. Always take it with high racks. To do this, get back to the posts and take up the neck (with partner) wider than shoulder width grip. Next you need to put behind the bar on his shoulders. If neck pain pressure on the spine, pre-throw with a towel around his neck. Slowly squeeze the bar to straight arms and slowly return the shoulders to the head.

Bench Dumbbell.
In the initial position the dumbbells are in front of chest. When the squeeze their hands on the lines, give hand tilted slightly forward - this is an additional "will load" of the delta. And only then return to starting position.

Work: back, biceps

Thrust rod to the belt in the slope.
Bend over to the bar, lying on the floor and grip the bar wide grip. Slightly bend your knees and make an effort of his back perfectly straight. Hold down the strong reduction of the back muscles, pull the bar to the press. Hold the bar at the top position for 1-2 seconds and then lower the barbell to the floor. Straighten the trunk is not necessary - immediately begin a new recurrence.

Thrust belt in the dumbbell to the slope.
Take a dumbbell in one hand and take the position of the slope. Other hand, lean comfortably on the bench, rack simulator, etc. Hold your back perfectly straight, pull the dumbbell to the belt. Hold it up for 1-2 seconds and slowly return to starting position. Do the exercise first with one hand, then change the position of the body and do the exercise with your other hand in the same number of repetitions.

Craving a low block to the belt.
This exercise is similar to the previous one, but it seems more convenient. Sit in front of a low block, grasp the handle of his (for this you have much to lean forward) and straighten the trunk at right angles to the legs. Now expand the effort of the shoulders, spine and vygnite pull handle to itself. Referring to the press, begin to reverse the movement, still holding her back perfectly straight. The shoulders, however, moved forward to increase the amplitude of the exercise. But do not let the torso forward by bending back.

Work: back, biceps

A very important strength exercises. In bodybuilding it is so. A powerful effort be pulled to the bar as high as possible. It is desirable that it was at chest level. And then very slowly lower yourself to the starting position, feeling the ultimate reduction of all the working muscles.

Work: back, biceps

Sit under the unit and grip it grip the bar at the top. Vygnite back and slowly pull the bar to the chest, slightly deflecting body back. Return the handle to the fully straightened arm to provide a strong back muscles stretch before the next repetition. This technique will increase their strength. The second option exercises related to the lowering of the neck behind the head. It is important to avoid bending the spine, keeping your back straight is the same as in the basic version of the movement.

Work: the quadriceps, hamstrings and buttocks

Squats - this is the best exercise to develop strength and volume down. Start with a small weight to learn the correct movement. Then gradually increase the weight. Over time you log into the taste and you will get from squats pleasure. So, remove the bar from the racks like when the regime because of the head. Place feet slightly wider than shoulder width, to give the entire body especially strong position. Slightly bend your knees and start to squat. Deep squat you to anything. Stop when thighs will be parallel to the floor, and immediately begin to straighten out without stopping. Perhaps, in the hall will be called Trainer Smith - a convenient device in which the bar moves up and down the vertical uprights. Then start the development of squats with this simulator. However, remember that the maximum increase in strength give squats with free weights, ie with a barbell.

Leg press
Work: the quadriceps, hamstrings and buttocks

This exercise - a kind of alternative to the squat. It runs in the simulator, where the legs have to squeeze up the platform with a load. The top position is not fully straighten the legs, as for the bottom position, then it is important to lower your knees kakmozhno below. Make sure that your feet are always close fit to the platform.

Works: press

This exercise is most effective. Lie on the floor before the gym bench. Put the eggs in her seat. Lift your hands to the head, lightly touching her in the temples. From this position the force Abs Start a "twist" the body until it touches the forehead, knees. Remember, pull the waist from the floor can not be! At first, you are unlikely to come out more than 3-4 reps, but the press only rapidly gaining strength, so that soon you can easily follow the rule - up to 25 repetitions per set. Further complicate the movement, combining ups with minor twists the torso in one direction and then in another direction. This will further enhance the effectiveness of the exercise.

Calf Raises
Work: calves

The name itself already explains the shape of his execution. Do Calf Raises can be a burden in one hand (the other hand takes the position all the way to maintain balance), with a barbell on your shoulders or in a simulator. All versions of the main motion equally effective. Better yet, if all types of climbing you'll be doing, standing on a pedestal height of 10-15 cm

Complex workouts for the businessmen

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