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British Grand Prix 2011 Results

British Grand Prix 2011 Results
This weekend, in London, held British Grand Prix 2011. As part of the tournament for the first time about the competition, the competitions «IFBB Mr.Olympia Amateur». The good news is that the way to the pros amateur tournaments easier.

The absolute winner among the fans of Olimpia was Sami Al Haddad of Bahrain, received the IFBB Pro-card and which on the IFBB Arnold Classic who won Kodzoev beat in the category of up to 90 kg.Bud Alexander would there be the final would be different?

The winner was the champion among the pro Arnold Classic 2011 Brench Warren. Warren was not in the condition that in Columbus, but nevertheless IFBB decided it was wrong, probably, the winner of the AK 2011 to be second, and the weight he still pressed.

Second fats Roelly Winklaar, which greatly improved the form of the Arnold Classic two weeks. Johnny Jackson took third place with its huge and high-quality upper body, but lagging feet. The fourth was Ronny Rockel, it was well balanced, but not quite at his best. Michael Kefalianos was the fifth and sixth «X-Man» Tony Freeman.

Can evaluate it yourself by looking at the comparison.

In the class to 92 kg dominated James «Flex» Lewis. Lewis' victory was the kind of application that he had returned to be the best in the category of 92 kg.

Result British Grand Prix 2011 Results Category PRO:
1. Branch Warren
2. Roelly Winklaar
3. Johnnie Jackson
4. Ronny Rockel
5. Michael Kefalianos
6. Toney Freeman
7. Essa Ibrahim Obaid
8. Alvin Small
9. Thomas Benagli
10. Bures Tomas
11. Mario Van Steenberghe
12. Ian Wadley
13. Danius Brazinskas
14. Ian Morgan

British Grand Prix 2011 Results

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