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Training diary will help to progress

Bodybuilding general conceptsArriving in the gym, you'll see that some trainees have with a notebook or notepad and something to write back. It is they who are training diary.

Training diary - a notebook in which you will have to record everything about training. This includes a set of exercises, number of approaches in the exercises, reps, weight burdening with whom work has been done. Methods of training, date, personal weight, etc.

In the diary, you can record all that relates to training: about nutrition, rest, an additional burden, mood, etc. "Why?" - You ask.

For this, a lot of reasons:

First: With time you learn how to analyze your training and you'll paint yourself sets of exercises.

Second: the feedback. When you train around and looked at what you did. You are overwhelmed with a sense of dignity.

Third: watching your records, the coach can adjust your exercise program .

Fourth: If you had a long break in training, when you resume you will have a clear guide to action.

How to use the diary as his lead? Methods of conducting a training diary set, because there is no single system. Main - lead him so that would tell you it was all clear.
Training diary will help to progress

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