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If you're a natural bodybuilder thin, you realize how hard it is to build big muscles. I will give here three main sins that hinder this process.

Sin is the first: just execution of movements, but no training on the result .

How many times have you arrived at the gym only in order to perform all the same exercises, all with the same weights in the same manner and with the same lack of progress? This is unwise - to make permanent thing, but to wait for a result. Monotonous workouts mean - your body here, and the brain in a different place. They are good only if you're just trying to get rid of stress and raise energy levels. If you want to build a piece that can be proud of, it does not work.

If you are waiting for progress, the essential results.

Imagine that you start your own business. It's on demand from your heaviest work, discipline, skill and a lot more, but if this business will not give a profit, then it loses all meaning. Admit you are either not present, but a means - a measure of your work, discipline and skill. In bodybuilding is such a measure is to increase the working balance, growth in the number of repetitions, the cross-section muscles.

How do I prevent this sin?

Stop mindlessly rubbing, and you parted with the illusion that moving forward.

Sin is the second: do not keep a training diary .

This sin is horrible. Imagine that you are driving your own new business without a single record - you have no idea what's coming and what goes. You will never know that last month was unsuccessful or opposite successful. With the workouts the same way. History has a tendency to recurrence.

If something has worked in the past, why it does not work in the future? "If something did not work yesterday, the fastest it will not work tomorrow. If you do not record what worked and what did not, then your progress is in place.

In addition to record only what you are doing with each workout, begin to capture the details. If training was fine, try to find - why?

Perhaps this extra sleep before the NIGHT MODE?
Or the latest training drink?
Or maybe a different time of day?
You may have stretched or warmed longer?
Or maybe you have taken yourself extra day of rest?
Either you have an unusually excellent mood?

How do I prevent this sin?

The more you know, the more you control what will experience at the upcoming training. Even if previous training was weak, knowing the background, you can avoid such a result in the future.

Human nature is to try to outdo themselves. All your instincts are focused on improvement. If you really understand what the digital features of the last workout, then on the next you will try to improve them. If workout lasted 50 minutes, you'll want to finish it in 47, you do 10 reps instead eight, you will increase the operating weight for 1.25 kg replaced in order to work with the same.

Numbers do not lie. Training diary truthfully and without embellishment will show your progress. You can be extremely encouraged by the last training session, feeling all the signs of progress, but look into the diary it becomes clear that no progress has not - you did exactly the same job. Treat your workouts like a business - it will definitely liven up your progress.

Sin is the third: the loss of focus .

Here's how it seems to me, almost all people live their lives. At first you want to open their own restaurant, in a subsequent week to become a police officer, after another week of Prof. poker player. Most rapidly, none of these undertakings are not crowned victory because you do not have the focus is not enough discipline, to finish what you start.

How do I prevent this sin?

Lack of objective means lack of results. Start your attitude to training in the same way as their own careers. If you change your own kind of work each week, it'll be a cheerleader for all tasted areas. Question not about whether this will happen, question only when it happens. With the workouts just as well.

Choose one of a training program and stick to it, of course, the choice is great, and do it from time to time is hard enough. It is not necessary to elect a 12-week program powerlifters, but in three week or return to bodibilder style for the reason that it did not work.

If you really believe the creator of the program, then carry the responsibility. No need to seek advice on the pretext of this program to anyone else, apart from its creator. Well, if you understand everything in it, then execute it in fine detail.

How to choose the right program? Not to elect a high volume plans, if you're not ready to rest more, spend more money on food supplements and eat more food. Do not start training underweight, if you're not ready to train often, if need be. Do not start a program for recruitment of muscle mass, if summer is on the nose and to him you want to be a relief. Decide with what exactly did you want to get from this program, and later, Keep all of its provisions.


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