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Sets for hypertrophy. How much ?

This is another issue for many disputes. This topic was discussed both professional and fans of iron - amateur bodybuilding.

Sets for hypertrophy. How much ?

The history of bodybuilding remembers many athletes who have achieved the title of champion, who used a completely different sets for hypertrophy to exercise training.

An example of this is Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dorian Yates. Both men have repeatedly been the owners of the highest title in bodybuilding, Mr. Olympia.

The Great Arnie "was doing exercise five sets, and had great hands and chest muscles. Dorian Yates only one worker sets for hypertrophy in the exercises to muscular failure and was the owner of an incredible muscle mass and muscle-designed. Dorian Yates had fenominalny back into the poses "rear view" it was not equal.

From the above we can conclude: everyone has to find its way to the top of bodybuilding!

Sets for hypertrophy. How much ?

I offer my observations and explanations on this issue, based on the most important rule for improving results in any sport:

For sustained progress trainees features require regular increase training loads!

A training load can be increased by increasing the weight of burdens, using the methods of increasing the load during training or increasing the number of approaches to exercise.

An example of such a decision is Muscle training Program "maximum"

Many people probably thought that because after all, ten sets to exercise, you can get! But it's not real! And rightly so, because you can enter into a state of overtraining. By this I recommend the training cycle, which is increasing to 3 - 4 sets, followed by rest two week after a cycle or remedial training.

Increasing number of sets to exercise is an increase in training stress, it stimulates the body adaptation processes, which are expressed in increasing muscle mass, strength and aerobic endurance. And achieve what bodybuilders!

I hope the issue with the approaches a bit cleared.

Sets for hypertrophy

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