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Methods of increasing the load during training

Techniques and Principles. Methods of increasing the load during trainingThis section presents the methods for increasing the load during training. Methods of heavy training stress on the body receives from them is significant. Recommend starting to use them after 6 months of classical training.

3 / 4 amplitude

The essence of the method: repeat run on the 3 / 4 amplitude. For example: bench press - not squeezed up to a point at the top for rods - not pulling his hands full in the squat - not dovstavat. This method is very intense. Allows you to load more targeted myshtsu.Naprimer: the bench press - chest, rods - back. Hands get tired less quickly, such as the classic embodiment of the repetitions.

Static + approach

The essence of the method: at the end of the approach, performed to failure, we must stay at the point of maximum stress. Hold the tension for 10 - 15 sec. Use the method in such exercises as leg extension while sitting, the information in the crossovers, rearing with dumbbells while sitting, pull back and so is not suitable for linkage becomes, squats, lunges. During static contraction, there is a strong burning sensation in your muscles.

Repetition + statics

The essence of the method: This method performs a delay to the point of maximum stress in each iteration approach. Used for the same exercise as the method "+ static approach. Favorite method of Dorian Yatsa.

Controlled descent

The essence of the method: in each iteration approach, the negative phase of the movement to run for 5 seconds. Using this technique, weights, burdens will be less than in the classical version of the movements. Make five repetitions.

Slow repetition

The essence of the method: in each iteration approach, negative and positive phase to perform at 5sec. This method involves the use of smaller working weights than in the classical version of repetitions. Nevertheless, the complication should be severe enough to stimulate muscle hypertrophy. The method is very heavy! The working approach is sufficient to carry out 4 - 5 repetitions.


The essence of the method: Select two exercises per muscle group, more often - it's basic and isolation that are performed one after another without rest. Sometimes you can do the opposite. Example: Breeding with dumbbells on the incline bench (6 Repetition) + bench press (6 Repetition). More than six repetitions in each exercise is not recommended.


Still, this method is called "dropping weights," "drop-sets." The essence of the method: a series of repetitions performed to failure, then it decreases the weight of complication, a pause of 20 - 30 seconds, then another, a series of repetitions to failure, then another pause, and a decrease in the series of repetitions. The method of hard and stressful. Example: 5 + 5 + 5 reps.

Negative repetition

The essence of the method: The working approach uses more weight by 40% than normal. This could be your one-time maximum. Performed only negative phase of the motion within 5 seconds. For example: the bench press do lowering barbell until it touches the chest, lift carry out with partners, which should take almost the entire load. In the approach to perform no more than six repetitions. method is recommended in the basic exercises. It is particularly convenient to perform on the simulator Smith or any other, is not required to keep balance.
Attention! Method traumatic! Before exercise stretch the muscles.

Forced repetition

The essence of the method: at the end of the approach after reaching muscular failure, you need to do with your partner one or two repetitions.

Rest - Pause

The essence of the method: Desktop approach chosen weight burdens, which can only perform four repetitions, then shot back to the rack, rest 20-30seconds, then another two or three repetitions, rest 20-30seconds and one or two repetitions. Method is well affect the power performance.

Partial repetition

The essence of the method: The end of the approach, after muscular failure in the total amplitude, 5.6 repetitions performed at 1 / 2 amplitude.

Methods of increasing the load during training

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