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Los Angeles Fitness EXPO 2011

Bodybuilding news. Los Angeles Fitness EXPO 2011
In the past weekend in Los Angeles be refined its image transformed from the city of angels in the muscles. But the matter is that sports exhibition "Los Angeles Fitness EXPO 2011". How and what happened at this sports forum says Anton Dotsenko, correspondent of the "Iron World" in the U.S..

Anton Dotsenko: At the entrance to Expo visitors met black Ferrari is surrounded by pretty girls in their underwear who were willing to entwine soft handle and be photographed with anyone. Further more - was presented to the first simulator, already one of its kind motivating to training, namely, the expander in the form of a female breast!

Two days of "fair" were filled with all sorts of contests and competitions in weightlifting, powerlifting, bench press. Within the expo was even an amateur tournament "Ironman Naturally". As an honored guest was invited to acting Mr.Olimpiya Jay Cutler. Did not escape his attention to LA EXPO and John Brzenk, Lou Ferino, Mike O'Gern and Scott Mendelson is one of the best zhimovikov planet.

Bust Gaspari Nutrishn was a meeting place and center Party of the Russian athletes living on the West Coast. It is here that you could see Denis Sergovskogo, in whose life is a lot of interesting events - this is a serious passion for martial arts and fast uphill film career. Just Denis told when and where it can be again seen on the competitive platform. Also visited the exhibition of Vladimir Sizov, who will soon have to go on stage in a new status - a professional IFBB.

"Now I weigh 105kg and FLEX Pro will be somewhere 103kg bet on quality so the figures are of fundamental importance to me do not have a free program will be run with elements of acrobatics to the music from the movie by Quentin Tanrantino" Kill Bill "- said Vladimir. First to see any program Vladimir Sizov visitors will be able to "Iron World." And how it was possible to imagine a team of strong guys gathered around the charming star of the world of fitness Oksana Grishina, which in sweat trying not to ignore any fan, count that was simply impossible.

Los Angeles Fitness EXPO 2011

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