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How to speed up metabolism

Muscle reliefYou've probably heard or even tried supplements for burning fat. This is the first thing that comes to mind who wants to lose weight. In fact, our bodies do not always need outside help to get rid of fat deposits. Need to accelerate its own metabolism, whereas those extra pounds will no longer stick to you. Unfortunately, one willpower metabolism can not budge because it depends on three factors:

• Genetics
• meals
• Physical Activity

As you can see, we can control your metabolism by 66%. So where do I start? Without a doubt, a second answer: First, clean up the food! This topic is not a single article, so we note only those aspects which affect metabolism.

1. Do I need to stick balanced diet?
Yes it is extremely important! Your body should receive protein, fats, carbohydrates in the right proportions. Moreover, these macronutrients also have their own classification and biological value. Likewise, important and micronutrients.

2. Do I need to eat breakfast?
Some are used to skip breakfast or lunch cup of coffee with a sandwich. This is a huge mistake! After sleeping when the body deficit of nutrients, breakfast gives rise to "launch" of metabolism.
Studies show that breakfast reduces the risk of obesity and insulin resistance syndrome. Metabolic disorder leads to a reduction in efficiency of the body of sugar (glucose), which increases the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.

3. Do I need to eat small, frequent meals?
Frequent meals can save you from even the slightest feeling of hunger and thus allows the body to understand that the delay zhirok for a rainy day does not make sense. Just do not find that the body will believe you the next day.

4. Do I need to control portion sizes?
Most people have no idea about the size portions and put so much food, how much can fit a plate. This is wrong! After eating you should not be feeling that the stomach stuffed. And ideally, you need to know how many calories you need per day and divide by the number of meals. Also be aware that the body easily absorb nutrients from the small amount of food.

5. Do I need to plan meals?
Foods high in carbohydrates, you need to take in the morning (no later than 15.00). Your body has time to burn them before the end of the day will slow metabolism.

6. Do I have to avoid fatty foods, semi-refined sugar?
What natural food, the better the body can absorb it. Fatty foods and the chemistry contained in the semis, only hinder the body to function normally. 1200 calories per day, derived from refined foods and semi-finished products will be far from such an effect on the health and shape, as 1200 calories derived from natural products such as grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meat, fish, nuts.

7. Can I eat late in the evening or at night?
Remember that your metabolism slows down when at rest. Meal in the evening or at night requires your body to continue to burn calories. Avoiding eating late at night, you wake up fresh and rested. If closer to the dream you feel hungry, eat something containing a maximum of protein.

8. Can I add a food spice?
Food not be fresh. Spice and herb plant contain large amounts of beneficial nutrients. Some spices such as chili peppers have thermogenic properties.

9. Do I need to eat at least 1200 calories a day?
Skipping meals and caloric intake contributes to less than 1200 infringement (slower) metabolism. Your body has its own think tank, which slows down your metabolism if you eat a little. Only to maintain a healthy life for our body needs about 1200 calories a day. A physical and mental activity requires additional energy.

Now let us look at the important moments of physical activity.

1. Do I need to do Training?
If you want to adjust your metabolism and improve the shape alone is not enough nutrition. The beauty and harmony of the body depends on the presence of muscles, and excess fat makes the body sluggish appearance. If the body suffers from a lack of physical activity - muscle atrophy and decrease in size. Therefore, the training required!

2. What workout is best accelerate metabolism?
For this purpose, any suitable intense pressure. It can be weight training at the gym or interval cardio - any physical activity with high energy costs. The advantage of the gym is that apart from energy, you give the load to the target muscle group.

3. How often should I train?
Ideally, you should be 2-3 and 3-2 weight training cardio.

4. Can I change the training regime?
The body gets used to the stress, so try each week to surprise the muscles with new exercises.

5. Do I need to run to speed metabolism?
Instead of having to run or ride a bike, why not add in-line skating, skiing or swimming? Do not let the body adjust to stress! Also keep in mind that while running the pulse is above the fat burning zone. We therefore recommend that instead of running to walk a brisk pace (6-7 mph). In addition, people with overweight run a very large load on the joints.

6. Whether to remain active after the gym?
No need to fear climbing stairs, walking to the mailbox, home economics courses, or gardening! Sedentary lifestyle interferes with normal metabolism. Be active during the day as much as possible. If you have a sedentary job, take breaks as short walks. When you return to work, you are cooling off, will be more energetic, focused and ready to move on.

7. Is there an ideal time to workout?
If you have the opportunity to choose the workout, try to empirically determine when you like to exercise.

All wondering whether there are special techniques which can be a month to lose weight and attain the perfect body? Disappoint you, they are not! You will have to work honestly at yourself.

How to speed up metabolism

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