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Although Frank Zane has never been one of the largest bodebilderov nevertheless one of the best bodybuilders in the art of posing. Between 1968 and 1972 he won the Mr. America, Mr. International, and three times as "Mr. Universe". With the advent of Zane on the podium Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger, at the time who retired from bodybuilding in the movie, went by the wayside. Zane is best remembered for his three wins in a row on a Mr. Olympia 1977-79g, while its aesthetic and proportionate muscles pushed bodebilderov best at that time.

Zane, who taught at the Graduate School of mathematics and chemistry for 13 years and returned to college to get a bachelor's degree in psychology and MA in experimental psychology, bodybuilder human thinking. He tells us about the importance of lifelong learning for continuous growth. It offers its own training program abdominal muscles, which helped him create a magnificent press, which has become one of the main reasons for his victories over the monsters of the masses.

Frank Zane training press
Exercise suitable Rept
lifts on a Roman chair 04/03 25-30
Leg raises 4.3 15-30
Twisting 4.3 25-30
Rotations of the torso with a neck 4.3 50
Twisting with Tross 3.4 25-30

Find out more - to grow more! Frank Zane of mental and muscular growth. Bodybuilding Retro. Training.

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