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Classic bodybuilding at the Mr. Olympia ?

And once again bring to your attention the rumor came to us from Los Angeles. The rumor is very, very similar to the truth.
It is known that the program "Olympia" is continually expanding, so only three final year she was "rooted" with 2 brand new tournament: men's bodybuilding in the category of up to 202 pounds, and Miss Bikini ".
Surprisingly, but two innovations adopted at the audience cheers, prompting organizers of the "Olympia" on the path, if so  say, "grandiose" of the show and beyond. So now, they say, that the plans "Olympia" perhaps including ... Tournament Classic bodybuilding ! And this could happen or this year, "it is very unlikely," or in the future "that much more real."

It must be said that this year's classic bodybuilding is the first time included in the program, "Arnold Sports Festival." True, fans will compete - between  "pro" any category yet not available, it has yet to be established. By the way, is likely to be called novelty will not "classic bodybuilding", but as something else. In general, such a name change will not happen the first time - so amateur bodyfitness professionals in the world has become  "figure". 

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