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Bodybuilding Genetics

Bodybuilding Genetics
Bodybuilding Genetics
What is the hidden secret to success in bodybuilding? You might think it's simple. Take the training program known champion of bodybuilding, such as "The Great Arnie, and we begin to train her. Anything that works in the Schwarzenegger and you have to work. But, unfortunately, is not it. Copy of training pro a lot you will not. Why so?
Let's find out how the change in volume of muscle, and after him the whole body? Development of a muscle depends on the two most important factors: a genetic propensity for muscle growth (hypertrophy), and correctly selected training methods to achieve this "cherished" hypertrophy.

In assessing whether a bodybuilder, often used the word "genetics". You've probably frequently heard that all the champions of bodybuilding "good genetics". What is it? Form of muscle is determined by their location relative to other muscles and their structure. That this is the " Genetics of muscle . " The shape of muscles in humans formed still in the womb. Change can yield only the size of muscle fibers. And the location of the muscles, attaching them to the bone, place the maximum cross-sectional structure - always the same. Therefore, initially defined musculoskeletal system, its symmetry, the form - can speak of a "successful" and "Unfortunate" muscles.

A similar pattern and famous bodybuilders. "Successful" muscles in these combine with the original "unfortunate" and telling of miraculous methods of training a particular muscle hardly feasible. Knowing its limitations, experienced athletes align them with purpose and substantially increasing the amount of muscle, skillfully hide their genetic "backwardness".
To date, progress in science reached the point that sports medicine can say for sure about the prospects of a particular person in a particular sport.

From the foregoing it is understandable that alter what nature has created, it is impossible, but "to pump up muscles, achieve a decent amount of muscle can do everything, even if not very good genetics . Specific terms of the inflation of a muscle according to methods that aggressively advertised just a publicity stunt! Potential of every human body is very individual, and therefore the time required to achieve certain results, all different. Realize this once, not push aside all the "Mother Nature" and working on a "weak" place as long as necessary. Strictly speaking, once again this shows a talent for bodybuilding, and of course the same discipline, perseverance and, as I always say, 'little fanaticism will not interfere. "

Onim of the secrets of genetics in bodybuilding is that muscle fibers are of two types: red (slow) and white (fast). Red fibers in the mode of aerobic work, their property - endurance. These are more difficult to portage hypertrophy. Those who prevail in muscle fibers red - are succeeding in sports: swimming, long-distance running, cycling. White muscle fibers are working in the force - the anaerobic mode, excellent increase its volume, thus responding to the training stress. The advantage of such fibers in the structure of muscles can achieve good results in bodybuilding, weightlifting. The composition of any muscle includes both red and white fibers, and their relationship also defines your "talent" to bodybuilding.

But! Even with the obvious genetic defects, there is no reason for refusing to train with the hardware. Succeed in the "rocking" Everybody can! Not everyone was born to be a champion - this is the reality of life. An impressive volume will allow any genetics, but the big difference between pros and amateurs (except for the use of steroids and others) is that, with a dedication to exercise, how to eat.

Life disorder problems in the home, lack of time - the main reasons that the usual "kachok" does not look like he wanted to. And one more thing. Listen to yourself. Enormous role played by your intuition, the ability to analyze, critically. The process of "pumping" is not just the physical labor, but also intelligent.

I wish you luck!

Bodybuilding Genetics

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