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Technique exercises the profesional IFBB

Technique exercises the profesional IFBBTechnique exercises . Who should we believe: the postulates of Vader or professionals IFBB?

Recent events in the gym, I heard a discussion in which the guys discuss execution of exercises of IFBB professional bodybuilder and those execution that Joe Weider training system recommends.
The essence of the argument that Weider recommends perfect execution of exercises - it is a full range of motion, no cheating, but professionals IFBB vice versa, execute cheating and short amplitude. Please note in the photo, Phil Heath do wide grip pulldown and incline back a lot, but the recommendations of this exercise is always emphasize straight back, slightly curved back! Who to believe?

For example, a video where Ronnie makes posterior delts. Amplitude is very small.

Indeed, Coleman in the exercises not squeezed to the end or not straighten your elbows completely. Phil Heath to do the same. Markus Ruhl, conversely, for bench press barbell bar lying reduces to half the amplitude.
To answer, no need to think long. After all, they are professionals, they have many years of experience, and each of them probably already know what kind of training their muscles react.

The above described execution of exercises can be taken for methods to increase the load. If no further squeezed in the bench press to top of deck or do not fully straighten your hands to pulldown, like Ronnie, then load immediately increased, especially in the target muscle. Ie bench press - more load on the chest, pulldown vertical - for the back.

If we follow the example of Marcus Rulu and do half amplitude for bench presses, squats, also the load increases, because the working weight increase.

Weider in his video lesson demonstrates precise, common technical execution of exercises.

Conclusion: all the above examples are true. Thus it is necessary to do with increasing the training experience. Beginner is better to use the method by Weider, more experienced bodybuilders can adjust the exercises for yourself and use a variety of techniques to increase the load.

Experienced athletes, I think, would agree with my conclusions in this article who begin is better to heed the advice.

Technique exercises the profesional IFBB

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