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Phil Jerrod Heath birthday. 31 year Champion

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Phil Jerrod Heath was born December 18, 1979 in Seattle, Washington.

Phillip Jerrod Heath - Professional IFBB. At present, one of the main contenders for the crown of "Mr. Olympia runner-up at the Olympia 2010. Before you engage in bodybuilding in 2002, Phil Heath, nicknamed «Gift» - played in a basketball team of the University of Denver team (University of Denver). After three years of intensive training was an absolute champion NPC USA Championships in 2005 and won the right to take part in competitions IFBB Pro. Phil Heath immediately became a sensation when he won his first IFBB Pro contest in 2006 - is the Colorado Pro and New York Pro.

Articles about the recruits immediately become frequent in many fitness magazines, including Phil Heath appeared on the cover of FLEX. At the present time champion lives in Denver, Colorado.


Mr. Olympia 2010 2 place
Arnold Classic 2010 2 place
Mr. Olympia 2009 5 place
Mr. Olympia 2008 3 place
Arnold Classic 2008 2 place
Ayronmen Pro 2008 1 place
Arnold Classic 2007 5 place
New York Pro 2006 1 place
Colorado Pro 2006 1 place
U.S. Championship 2005 1 place
U.S. Championship 2005 1 place in the category Cruiserweight
Junior Nashionals 2005 1 place
Junior Nashionals 2005 1 place in the category Cruiserweight

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