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The new president of IFBB Rafael Santonja

After sixty years as president of IFBB, Ben Vaidere resigned. However, it is not - he retained his post as president of the Professional League IFBB. Speaking October 29 at the IFBB Congress in Ostrava (Czech Republic) to complete the World Championship on bodybuilding and bodybuilding classic among men, Ben Vaidere assured the audience that he remains in service, and if he needed help, he is always ready to provide it.

IFBB elected the new president Rafael Santonja (Spain) - President of the European Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. The election of Rafael Santonja looks quite natural, because since 1985 he served as executive assistant to Ben Vaidere. Quite naturally was the first decree of the newly elected president - give Ben Vaidere Honorary President IFBB. Hall greeted the decision with an ovation.
Source: Press Release IFBB

The new president of IFBB Rafael Santonja

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