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Bodybuilding nutritionIt offered information for those who can not or will not go into details of nutrition for bodybuilders, but still wants to train and get results in building muscle mass and strength.

The most important rule is to remember:

The amount of energy (calories) obtained from food during the day should not exceed the amount of energy consumed by the body for days.

This is called "positive energy balance." Only in this case, a progress in achieving results.

If the energy from food get fewer calories daily rate, decreases body weight, mainly due to fat deposits. Muscle growth and strength in this case is not possible. Just can occur loss of muscle mass, as the organism under conditions of severe energy deficit can spend their protein structures.

If you get the energy as much as the body uses, it turns out the state of equilibrium in which progress is also not possible.

In order to ensure "positive energy" balance must be your day-diet to add another meal. If the weight then starts to increase, you on the right track. With the right training it should be according to plan - the growth of mass and strength. If weight gain is not observed, we should add one more meal.

When you have made a positive energy balance, start adding creatine and amino acids, so you can add a vitamin-mineral complex, which is especially important in winter and spring. Why do we need sports supplements can be found under "sports nutrition".

If in the normal diet you will not be able to cram more a food or not enough time, then the aid can come "sports nutrition". Specifically for this case should be protein-carbohydrate mixture. They are well balanced in composition and well-digested. Take them between meals. So you can achieve a positive energy balance.

Sports nutrition is convenient because it is easy to use, especially if you do not have time for extra meals. Pour mixture into a shaker, to bring to the job at any store to buy a low-fat milk, pour into a cocktail shaker to mix and drink. After drinking the liquid is easier than to chew on, for example, chicken breasts and rice.

However, natural food can never replace a sports nutrition!

All of the above recommendations with respect to a full diet, which includes high-quality carbs (rice, buckwheat, bread, pasta and flour from wholemeal flour, vegetables, fruits), protein foods (lean meats, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products ), healthy fats (olive, flaxseed oil or any unrefined, cold pressed vegetable oils).

When the weight started to increase, should ensure that "no swim-fat." Although it is gradually going to happen, but it must be controlled.

If you notice a fast addition of fat, reduce the amount of carbohydrates (bread, cereal and candy of course). For example: cereal remove 10.5 spoons or any other yardstick, as is convenient.

All described the recommendations can be called "lazy nutrition bodybuilder".

The main thing - it is to understand: without a good nutrition of bulk muscle can not see! From the air do not grow!

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