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Fundamentals of bodybuilding

In bodybuilding, there are three most important components, which are the foundation - a workout, nutrition and rest.

Fundamentals of bodybuilding
Workout - an essential element in bodybuilding, which I have devoted the most attention on the site. Workouts are the first in line among the three components, beginning in the process of muscle mass and power .Workout - stress to the body ,load, a stimulus, to which the body reacts adaptation. In bodybuilding, adaptation to stress include increases in muscle mass (hypertrophy of muscle fibers) and power results. Training should be intense enough to stimulate adaptive changes are, but at the same time not to exceed the threshold, after which the state of overtraining can occur with symptoms of fatigue, sleepiness, lack of desire to train. On this, everyone must decide for themselves "golden mean" in the amount of load and magnitude of intensity, which are determined during the training.
Also, training should be constructed so that would affect at all the major muscle groups, order that would figure would look aesthetically pleasing and proportional. After a workout should be restored reserves of energy and ensure that the body building material . In this next in line are food.

Fundamentals of bodybuilding
Nutrition must undoubtedly be complete. In the diet must be present a variety of products, which should ensure body's need for carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. For bodybuilder ideal can be considered fivefold food, which provides a constant flow of all necessary materials. Also, with food must obtain sufficient energy (kcal), to ensure the processes of recovery and muscle growth and strength. This often athletes use sports nutrition, which is perfectly balanced in composition and helps to achieve better results. Carbohydrates - fuel for the body. Their we get from cereals, flour products, potatoes, fruit, vegetables .
Proteins - a building material for the body and specifically for the muscles. It is obtained from the meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, eggs.
Fats - are participating in the energy supply, in the hormonal and regulatory processes. They should not be refined. This is sunflower, olive, linseed oil from the first pressing.
Once the body is equipped with everything necessary to restore, should rest.

Fundamentals of bodybuilding
Recreation - also an important component, because muscles grow during rest. Rest after exercise is necessary to complete recovery. And specifically - is to restore muscle glycogen reserves, which is the fuel for the muscles, restore muscle fibers, after receiving a micro traumas on the intense workouts, and the central nervous system,on which also affects stress obtained in training. Important for recreation is a night's sleep. It should be no less than eight hours. Positive impact on restoring naps.

This section discusses the three fundamental components of bodybuilding in general. More details about each of them and how to properly balance you will learn in appropriate sections of the site.

Fundamentals of bodybuilding

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