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How to dry your body muscles and reduce body fat. Diet.

In this article, I want to touch on a very popular and important topic - "How to lose weight fast? How to dry your body muscles?"

All of these tips are from of my personal experience. Because we are different, these tips may not work for everyone. But from the point of view of human physiology and structure, we're all the same, the only difference is in the functioning of the different systems, such as in the hormonal system, the nervous system and so on. Some bodies have fast metabolism, other bodies have slow. If we consider that practical information, the advices offered in this article based on the laws of human physiology, can be useful for all.

I wanted to warn you that quick weight loss has a negative impact on human health. But you decide! I recommend to lose weight not exceeding 1 kg (2,205 lbs) per week. Only if you have a lot of overweight (for example, more than 30 kg) you can reduce your body weight more than 1 kg (2,205 lbs) per week. In this case your body will lose overweight "with pleasure".

Muscle relief
These simple tips will help you lose weight quickly and dry your muscles.

In the diet, that I will talk about, I put an emphasis on fruits and vegetables, as they are the best products for people, and they are more easily digested.

The main law for reducing body fat is getting energy from food less than what our body spends per day! For this reason you have to know how many calories your body needs. To determine the amount of calories you can use the formula below.

Calculation of daily caloric needs.

The daily caloric needs consist of the sum of the energy spent for the basic metabolism, plus the energy spent in physical activities .
Energy that is spent for normal vital functions is called the basic metabolism.

Example of calculation for a man with a weight of 80 kg, up to 30 years old.

For the calculation of daily calorie needs requirements, we will used the coefficients and the numbers of the table below, that were determined experimentally.

The energy spent in physical activities:
400 calories - a sedentary lifestyle;
600 kcal - a mobile lifestyle;
800 calories - a very mobile lifestyle;

Age Basic metabolism Standard deviation
18-30 15.8 x(kg)+679 +-151
30-60 11.6 x(kg)+879 +-164
>60 13.5 x(kg)+487 +-148
18-30 14.7 x(kg)+496 +-121
30-60 8.7 x(kg)+829 +-108
>60 10.5 x(kg)+596 +-108

Determination of the basic metabolism: 15.8 x 80 (kg) + 679 = 1943 kcal
Determination of the daily caloric needs is 2543kc: 1943 kcal + 600kcal = 2543 kcal

If you reduce your calorie intake by 500 calories, you will lose weight up to 500 grams per week.
If you reduce up to 1000 calories, then up to 1 kg. But not everyone wants to do calculations to control calories. In line with this, the following would quickly make you lose weight or dry muscles:

1.During the meal, eat salads first, a lot of salads, and then everything else


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