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Dorian Yates on nutrition bodybuilder

Bodybuilding nutrition. Dorian Yates about nutrition bodybuilderIt seems wrong when people say that bodybuilding is 70% diet and 30% - of training. It's not the specific numbers. For me, said Dorian Yates, bodybuilding is - 100% power, 100% training and 100% of the domestic mood. Each of the three dimensions is important if one of them to miss the entire structure collapses.

I Now I would like to talk about the importance of nutrition. Many people are starting to engage in bodybuilding himself to give training. On the nutrition they think very few, not realizing that no matter how hard you're not trained, not properly chosen diet all your efforts go awry.

If you work in a gym on the floor of force, and then look through a pair of sports magazines, then you will not achieve much progress. To do this you need to focus and decide who you want out of yourself to do. Need a clear plan and stick to it patiently and consistently. And some efforts need to say to himself: "I do not like my results. I need to do a little more, but this will require review and improve my diet. "

To start .
If you come to his senses, said Dorian Yates, the first thing you need to - to calculate how much energy you spend and determine their calories. If your weight does not change over time, so you burn about the same calories as consumed. If you gain weight, so you burn less, and if you lose, it means you burn more than they consume.
It is important to first define this, and then recalculate your diet. Within five days write down everything you eat and drink, then determine the total amount of calories, divide the result by five and you get the approximate number of calories per day. When doing that, it is important not to change their habits and eating habits, then the result will be more close to reality. Do not start at this time to change the schedule of supply or their usual menu, this will still be time.
Assuming your weight constant, depending on their goals to determine the amount of calories. If you know that one day consume 3000 calories, but want to gain a little muscle mass, adding to the daily norm another 200-300 calories. If you want to lose weight - subtract the same amount. This will give you a good starting point.
If you have a day out 3200 calories, it turns out that carbohydrates should provide 1,760 calories (440 grams), protein - 960 calories (240 grams) and fat - 480 calories (54 grams). Protein intake came about two and a few grams per kilogram of body weight.

Diet .
You should try to plan out your meals evenly throughout the day, so that the meals were about every three hours. Get five - six meals a day. During the meal is even eaten bun with a glass of protein or a baked potato. You have to distribute the total number of calories evenly over meals. Do not try to consume exactly the same number of calories for each meal, but also sharp jumps and dips during the day should not be.
Priority should be eating breakfast, because to him a few hours you have not eaten anything. So in the first meal you need to download a few more calories than during the following times. The same applies to the period after training, during which time the body needs more nutrients than usual. Thus, the first and fifth meal (see table) have a priority over others, but the latter also need to give enough attention. Remember, the food - it's a whole system, and the importance each meal.
Each meal should include a sufficient number of first-class protein - something that contains essential amino acids, such as eggs, chicken, beef, protein shakes, dairy products. Do not forget to count each meal so that the protein intake during the day was regular.
You also need carbohydrates. I think that protein and carbohydrates are synergistic. To move the amino acids of the protein in muscle, you need insulin, which is released in response to intake of carbohydrates.

Said Dorian If you are prone to fat consumption, use small amounts of unsaturated fats, such as a teaspoon of olive oil per day. Besides, I would recommend taking fish oil, it helps control cholesterol levels and improves response to insulin.
I eat some fruit, but I try to limit myself, because fruits are rich in simple sugars, which stimulate the deposition of fat layers. Therefore, the fruits I eat only one or two times a day. It is also important for the day, eat a couple servings of vegetables, which consist mainly of carbohydrates. I prefer vegetables that are rich in fiber, such as broccoli, cauliflower and spinach.
You can not forget the vitamin and mineral preparations. If you are engaged with large weights, your body is exposed to considerable stress, so you need to use multivitamin complex. Beyond the usual standards, I would suggest to add a few grams of vitamin C is good for strengthening the immune system and the formation of collagen for tissue repair muscles and ligaments. Studies show that vitamin C lowers cortisol and is thus antikatabolikom. These micronutrients need to consume is constant. You can also try to take creatine or glutamine in a few weeks and see how these drugs act on you. Do not try to boot up to failure at a time. Experiment with each element separately and see how it acts on you.

In addition .
I try not to make a relaxed habit. If I want a pizza or hamburger, I quietly eat it. This is not doomsday, it will not kill you. If too much self control, diet is a yoke on the neck and from a psychological point of view, nothing good yields. Of course, if you prepare for a show, you can not afford to relax, but if your goal - to collect a certain amount of muscle mass, such self-indulgence once a week is not a problem.
This diet is likely to help you gain more muscle mass and lose fat. Before that you did not pay attention to protein, but now you start getting all the best results in training. Muscle tissue is metabolically active, so picking up an extra muscle mass, you will start to burn extra calories. And over time, pumping the muscles, you will begin to drop fat.

You should give serious consideration to all aspects of bodybuilding, nutrition is only one of the three. The most important thing - to understand what you want to achieve, to develop a real serious work plan and then stick to it steadily. Many people are always looking for some magic formula and numbers, can not bring myself to calm down, all constantly changing. I think it is not constructive. The main thing is to develop a work plan and comply with it.

"DIET FOR THE BEGINNING" : an example for one day. The following table is an example of how you can design your nutrition. This example is 3,200 calories and 268 grams of protein. Mealtime described simply as an example. If you train at another time shifted before and posletrenirovochnye meals. The amount of calories and grams of protein are approximate.

Ingestion of Calories Protein (grams)

Morning, 7:00
6 egg whites and 2-3 yolks 280 1927
Oatmeal or roll 200 8
Fruit 80
Toast 2.1 140 6

Morning, 10 hours
Protein-carbohydrate drink 250 30
Buns 200 8
Fruit 80

Lunch, 13 hours
Chicken breast, 150-200 grams 280 54
Figure 200 8
Vegetables 60 6

Before training, 15.30
Protein-carbohydrate drink 250 30

After a workout, 18.00, 19.00
Immediately after workout: whey protein mixed with simple carbohydrates 230 20
An hour after the workout: Beef (steak or chop), 150-200 grams 430 44
Baked potato 220 5
Vegetables, spinach 40 6

Evening, 22.00
Oatmeal, 60 grams of 200 8
4 egg yolks 60 12

These rules must be learned :
1. Bodybuilding - a tripod, consisting of nutrition, exercise and self-discipline. Every aspect is just as important as the rest.
2. If you eat properly, there is nothing to expect great results from training.
3. To recalculate your diet, you must first determine how many calories you consume per day.
4. To gain muscle mass, to the original number of calories needed to add another 10%.
5. Of the total number of calories needed to get the number of grams of nutrients.
6. About 30% of the total diet should be protein. Thus, a person consuming 3200 calories a day should receive 240 grams of protein.
7. The total amount of food divided into five or six meals a day, about every three hours.
8. Each meal should contain a serving of quality protein.
9. Each meal should also contain carbohydrates, as they are synergists protein.
10. Outline the basic work plan and stick to it diligently.

Dorian Yates on nutrition bodybuilder

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