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Died "guru" of fitness Jack Laleyn

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January 23, at California in his own house died Jack Laleyn , it was believed the "godfather" and "guru" of fitness. How to notify the «San Francisco Chronicle», an expert on healthy and proper life style has left this world at the age of 96 years. The cause of his death was respiratory failure against pneumonia. Relatives of Jack Laleyn until being informed where and when will the funeral.

Laleyn career began in 1936 when he opened a fitness center in Oakland, California. Jack is constantly called on all citizens to the correct nutrition, sport and look after their own health. After club opening, Laleyn started a TV show dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.

When Laleyn was 42 years old, he set a speed record of push-ups - the 23 minute he pressed 1,033 times. This result is entered on the Guinness Book of Records. In 45 years, Jack Laleyn one hour and 22 minute to do 1000 hops on the spot, and 1000 pull-ups. Even being in old age Laleyn committed swims several miles, while his hands were handcuffed and for all that he had dragged behind a boat attached.

Died "guru" of fitness Jack Laleyn

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