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Dexter Jackson will participate in the Flex Pro 2011

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February 19, 2011 in California in Santa-Monica Civic Auditorium will be tournament professionals Bodybuilding Flex Pro .

It became known that his participation confirmed Dexter Jackson, who is the holder of the title Mr. Olympia and three-time winner of the Arnold Classic. Dexter said he wants to become the first champion Flex Pro . Champion said that the tournament Flex Pro returns the professional competitive bodybuilding in California - the citadel of American bodybuilding, it can guarantee Flex Pro to become one of the most prestigious tournaments. "And it pushes me to take part in this competition even more!". "Championship Flex Pro is a good addition to my winning titles that I want to fill in the next few years - I guarantee it. "

Dexter Jackson will participate in the Flex Pro 2011

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