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Cory Everson turned 52

Bodybuilding news. Cory Everson turned 52
Cory Everson U.S.
Birthday on Jan. 4, 1959
Height 172 cm
Competition Weight: 66 kg
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Cory Everson was born in Wisconsin, USA, in the town of Racine. Her ancestors were German emigrants ordinary middle-class, with highly developed family values. At school, it became clear that the future of girls - sport. Cory set a record in a jump from their seats. Another achievement was the record in the swim 50 yards freestyle - in high school. Subsequent training was held at the Institute for Wisconsin's Department of Physical Education, graduating oposlya champion three times defeated in the pentathlon and the Big 10 started to seriously get involved in bodybuilding.

In 1981, in the life of Cory had a turning point - in preparation for the North American Championship mixed pairs IFBB, Cory felt a pain in my left leg, but did not pay attention. As it turned out, 3 main veins of the left leg formed clots. Athlete was taken to the hospital. According to doctors, fitness, literally, saved her life - good physical shape tolerated quick return flow and save the leg. But the consequences were - an athlete was bound to treat blood clots life. Because of the rapid blood coagulability, Corey must constantly be physically active, so the blood does not stagnate.

One of her goals in life is to help people think things through carefully, she launched the sale of ladies sporting the latest line of supplements - Cory Everson's Solutions. Bodybuilders to develop them for a year, using the newest scientific findings.

Despite the many life achievements, Corey for a long time mayalas lack of self-sufficiency - because no one achievement does not replace a loved one near. Because divorce from Jeff Everson in 1992, became her true impact - athlete had to learn to worry about itself. But Corey does not blame former spouse, they have maintained an excellent relationship, and the champion herself believes that the moment of her life in the escalation her develop a lot of valuable properties.

For a long time the main dream Cory was - to become a mother, because due to her own ailments can not beget. In 2000 this dream came true - she adopted a Russian boy Boris.

Competition Location
Ms. Olympia 1989 1
Ms. Olympia 1988 1
Ms. Olympia 1987 1
Ms. Olympia 1986 1
Ms. Olympia 1985 1
Ms. Olympia 1984 1
Nashionals January 1984
Nashionals 1984 1 category Cruiserweight

Cory Everson turned 52

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