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Compiled lists of the "Arnold Classic" 2007

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Each year, members and those who hope to become so, apply for taking part in the competition, "Arnold Classic". The tournament will be held in Columbus, Ohio. The Committee usually selects 15 athletes, but sometimes, it happens, allocate a few more seats for those who perform well in competitions Ironman and Sacramento Pro show, which obychyno held for a week or two earlier. As if it may be already have lists of participants at the Arnold Classic 2007 ":

Male bodybuilding

1. Gustavo Badel (Gustavo Badell)
2. Mark Dakdeyl (Mark Dugdale)
3. Tony Freeman (Tony Freeman)
4. Marcus Haley (Marcus Haley)
5. Philip Heath (Phillip Heath)
6. David Henry (David Henry)
7. Dexter Jackson (Dexter Jackson)
8. John Jackson (Johnnie Jackson)
9. Denis James (Dennis James) failure due to an injury
10. Victor Martinez (Victor Martinez)
11. Roni Rokel (Ronny Rockel)
12. Markus Ruhl (Markus Ruehl)
13. Shelestov Sergey (Sergey Shelestov)
14. Vince Taylor (Vince Taylor)
15. Branch Warren (Branch Warren)
16. Lacquer Wood (Luke Wood)

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