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Bodybuilding nutrition to increase muscle mass

Of course, the "Bodybuilding nutrition for muscle building" must be complete: fruits, vegetables, cereals, meat, fish and herbs. Ideally, eating - 5 - 6 times a day. If you can not 5 - 6 times, then try to do at least three times a day.
The basic postulate of a set of muscle mass and strength - is to get from food energy (calories) than the body uses.

Example: The daily amount of calories for an athlete 2800сal means that progress is necessary to obtain more than 300-500сal. If the number is 2800сal, progress can only happen the first month, the increase is due to the accumulation of tissue fluid and enzymes.

Bodybuilding nutrition to increase muscle mass

Calculation of the daily requirement cal.

Calculation formula: basic metabolism + metabolism arbitrary = daily rate of calories.

Example for a man weighing 80kg up to 30 years: 15.8*80+679=1943cal+600cal=2543cal

Arbitrary metabolism: 400cal- sedentary life
600kcal-life in motion
800kcal life in more than motion

Bodybuilding nutrition to increase muscle mass

Calories should be considered by those who receive from fat and carbohydrates. Account should be taken calories derived from protein-carbohydrate mixture. Proteins are not take into consideration because it is a plastic material for protein structures of the body and is used as a fuel is very small.

Counting calories daily norm for many of the tedious work on this, I give you an example of my calculations to ease your task.

Fruit-45kkal at 100g;

-Vegetables 15-20kkal at 100g;

-Potato 85kkal at 100g;

-Cereal 300kkal the 100gr dry;

-Oat 250kkal at 100g;

-Bread 250kkal at 100g;

- Vegetable oils 900kkal per 100g;

1g protein 4kkal;
1g carbohydrate-4kkal;
1g fat-9kkal;

To me, bodybuilding diet to increase muscle mass has never been difficult. I, personally, only carbohydrates take notice of them I get daily requirement of calories. 300-500 calories above the daily rate to increase muscle massI get from meat, fish, poultry, dairy products - all of it is pretty greasy and the more so national food of my country of Ukraine and Russia is very rich in fat, for this reason, 300-500 calories do not count. In addition, salad dressed with olive oil and sauce. So, for those 300-500 calories I'm not worried. Vegetables into account also I did not take, other than potatoes, because the calories from them is very low. I eat a lot of vegetables pounds! In salads add vegetable oil, cold pressed, not refined, in general, useful types or low fat sour cream. But everything in moderation! Proteins I accept 1.5gr per 1 kg of weight. To me this is enough. I tried 2 - 3 grams per kilogram of body weight, but I do not see a positive impact on the results in training and increase muscle mass, for this reason, I refused.

Protein foods (raw), the amount of protein per 100 grams:
Breast of chicken - 20 g protein;
Beef 18 - 20 g protein;
Fish, 16 - 23g protein;
Nonfat cottage cheese - 16g;
Egg - 6 g protein;

If your digestive system can not cope with the amount of food that you are counting, of course, be sure to use sports nutrition - proteins mixture, creatine, etc., it is not difficult to buy in the stores of sports nutrition. They can easily have a drink and get a huge benefit. Take the manufacturer's recommendations. Personally, I use creatine monohydrate, amino acids, BCAA, winter and spring of vitamins required. Protein mixtures I regularly eat, I usually have enough protein from normal food.
If you have no free time for cooking and food, the protein-carbohydrate mixture will be very useful to home, to fill part of the dry mixture into the shaker take with you and in any store to buy 0.5 liters of milk, mix and drink.

Bodybuilding nutrition to increase muscle mass

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