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Arnie's mistress wrote a book about their romance

Arnold Schwarzenegger mistress

Mistress famous Hollywood actor, now holding the office of governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger released a book of memoirs, in which he told of their affair. And Schwarzenegger himself wrote the foreword to the book of overt his ex-girlfriend.

A book called "Arnold and I - in the shadow of the Austrian Oak" is a self-published memoir, Barbara Outland Baker, who met six years with the governor.
Rather than make a hot denial or condemnation this book, "The Terminator" gave a three-hour interview Outland Baker to write a 325-page book, published this week. He noted, however, that "sometimes Barbara memories of various events differ from mine."

58-year-old Outland Baker, Creative Writing instructor at the college, met with Schwarzenegger in 1969, when she worked as a waitress, and he had just arrived from Austria.
As admitted Baker, it is still under the influence of personality Schwarzenegger - 30 years after they parted. The book tells how a young body-builder had persuaded the girl to give him the innocence that she took care of before the marriage, and describes the details of their turbulent and passionate life together.
The fact that she cheated on Arnold, she learned only after they have left. She also described a time when the governor of smoked marijuana and anabolic steroids, what he has already admitted earlier.
In one scene, book lovers are together watching a film "Deep Throat." In another Schwarzenegger is enraged when he learns that footage where it was captured for body-building classes have been used without his knowledge in the gay porn.
Many details of the colorful biography of Arnold Schwarzenegger were used in the campaign of 2003, as a result of which he became governor, but this time the history of the past did not cause much noise and he is still ahead of everyone in the rankings, says Daily Telegraph.

Arnie's mistress wrote a book about their romance

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