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What is bodybuilding

What is bodybuilding?

 Bodybuilding. Usually it is associated with broad, hulking great man, with some peculiar gait that eats some powders and even some pills, it also suffers from a lack of intelligence.

How to bodybuilding?

This public perception of bodybuilding happened on a "his broken phone. I think that for such mutations ideas about body building, had a hand in the media that publish often, inaccurate information. In the race for the ratings they publish some alone, but provocative incidents from the lives of bodybuilders. Just some "of individuals from the gyms that do not quite understand correctly bodybuilding. As they say: "The family is not without freaks. Of course, society itself.

So what is bodybuilding?

 Bodybuilding (English - body building) - a sport where an athlete increasing muscle mass, improves muscle - a relief, stiffness, aspect ratio. There is a separate sport in the  strenght discipline. In competition athletes assessed by the above mentioned qualities, visually. In weightlifting and power lifting, weight rod - a goal and outcome, and bodybuilding weight  - a means to an end.


Bodybuilding - a way of life. Again, a hundred thousand first time, this cliche, but it is so. Bodybuilding has become a social, cultural and mass phenomenon.

 Bodybuilding - business. This is a huge turnover and investment. Manufacture of sports nutrition, clothing for bodybuilders, accessories for bodybuilding, fitness center construction, production of simulators, a show of tournaments, show-exhibitions, seminars, etc. - all this combines bodybuilding.


Bodybuilding - is healthy. Bodybuilders eat is one of the most rational and balanced. It is no secret that properly dosed training load positively affect the body. Similarly, bodybuilders follow closely the procedure: training, rest, food, sleep. All these factors are generally healthy lifestyle, and I think you will agree with this.


Bodybuilding - a stylish and beautiful. Clothing & Accessories bodybuilding very specific, always original, stylish and what stand out.

 A relief body, muscular body is always, unequivocally, positive emotions. It is certainly nice and cool!


Bodybuilding - is communication. Talk to the gym, at competitions, exhibitions and Internet.

 Repeatedly taking part in international tournaments, I got a huge charge of positive energy from speaking.  International competition - is this drive! Similarly, bodybuilding can be considered as one of international languages. Bodybuilders from different countries can easily find common language. In my practice as a personal trainer, I was not the first time foreign coach. And not knowing English, German, Italian - difficulties training process did not cause.


Bodybuilding - is the path to perfection. Ability to know your body, make it stronger will power to educate, set goals and pursue it, getting knowledge.

How to bodybuilding?

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