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Training program for beginners. For the first time in the gym.

Training program for beginners, and more specifically, who only came to the gym, or planning to come tomorrow.

In her coaching practice, I always use a similar training program for its customers who first came to the gym.

This training program is a restorative, I call it "introduces". It would raise the muscle tone and prepare the muscles and body in general to a more focused and serious stress.

Use basic or complex exercises that involve the maximum muscles.

For a man first came to the gym is important not to overload yourself, so do not get high levels of stress, which can be expressed as dizziness, nausea, pain in the muscles. Muscle pain after exercise is particularly noticeable on the next day or two after your workout.

So. Arriving in the hall immediately some exercise on the cardiovascular equipment (treadmill, exercise bike, orbitrek). Knead easily, naturally for 5 minutes. Then you can stretch a little muscle.

Now you are ready to perform exercises. In each exercise, perform three sets of 10 repetitions. Rest between sets for 2-3 minutes. Load (the weight of burdens) place no more than 50% of the maximum possible. How define it? Just install a small weight and do approach. If it is well, very easily, then add a load. But a little bit! Better to increase a little load on the next workout.

At the first training session you can ask the instructor to look after you, especially all the gyms should provide induction training on safety.

And now own exercises:

1. Squats with a barbell on your shoulders (possible in the simulator Smitty) (feet)
2. Deadlift Classic with dumbbells (back)
3. Dumbbell bench press while lying (chest)
4. Vertical thrust wide grip (back)
5. Bench press dumbbells standing (shoulders)
6. Twisting prone (press)

After exercise can make a small hitch on cardiovascular equipment for 5-10 min, well as at the beginning of your workout.

Training program for beginners. Introduces.

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