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Tony Freeman Arrested

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Star of the world of bodybuilding, Tony Freeman, nicknamed «X-Man» was arrested by police. The unpleasant incident took place in Sweden. Tony was arrested for what felt like the police, he looked like a man who uses steroids. It happened all the eyes of fans, Tony Freeman. First, Freeman decided that this rally. But soon he had to make sure it all seriously. After a while they let him go. Tony said that he no longer will visit Sweden. He also intends to connect with Jay Cutler and Dennis James, as they have now a European tour, and tell them that they should not come to Sweden. And this is not the first time. Eighteen months ago, in the same situation has visited Swedish professional bodybuilder Martin Kjellstrom. Very strange things are happening in Sweden. Be careful athletes!

At these events immediately reacted Jay Cutler with a video message to his fans that will not come to Sweden and asked him to understand in this situation, as the leadership recommended MuscleTech is not doing this.

Tony Freeman Arrested

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