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Tips for bodybuilding beginners

tips for bodybuilding beginnersWhen I first started to engage in bodybuilding, then I had an idea of this sport as what - it is very simple.

To me it seemed no more difficult than to take and read a book. I thought at the time that the main thing in bodybuilding - iron and nothing else ought not to know.

But the farther I progressed, the more I find incomprehensible. I did not know what determines the progress, why the need to eat much, what exercises and how to do what should pay special attention to sports nutrition and other riddles, which sometimes come to mind to almost everyone from beginners.

And now I've decided on the basis of my personal experiences and expertise of my fellow bodybuilders tell you about the main mistakes beginners:

Haste and youthful maximalism.
This is one of the most common mistakes beginners bodybuilders. Newbies usually wait mystical muscles after the first of several trips to the gym. Although I do want quick results, but has learned to wait, especially when started to understand human physiology relating to the physical stress. For example: the muscles recover from high-quality training by about 90% in two weeks. So you can imagine, this takes time, as well as regular training program, good nutrition and proper rest. You must be unbending will, motivation, and most importantly - a great desire!

Action Plan novice bodybuilder.
Should start a training diary, write out a plan of action - your diet, exercise program. Time when it is time to put on weight, but when it's time to dry. Just fix the results in a diary. Be consistent and do not try to retrieve all at once. As your growth and learning plan can be changed and become more thorough.

Use the correct exercises.

Often newcomers completely wrong in choosing exercises. For the novice bodybuilder's important - it is to gain muscle mass. And so it is necessary to choose a set of exercises for the masses - basic: bench press lying, deadlift, squats and the like. Try the first time not to use the isolating exercises and various simulators in isolation.

Do not follow a champions program.
Champion training methods are not suited to the beginner. Champions adjust circuit training and other under his body. They often work on lagging muscles and use a lot of isolation exercises to polish their lagging muscle. For starters pitching well to make the base to gain muscle mass. Especially since you can enter into a state of overtraining or injury.

Too high operating weight.

No need to chase the big bodybuilding weights. This is not the sport. Of course, the strength is important, but in bodybuilding important technique exercises, and due to improperly matched weight often distorted performance technique. Dorian Yates as saying "Less is better!". And when you become stronger, you can spend and pure strength training with big weights.

Rest enough. Sleep enough.
Do not forget that muscles grow during rest, and more often during sleep, so that in no case, do not neglect this important factor in the recruitment of muscle mass. Relax after a workout should be before the full recovery of the body. Namely - the restoration of muscle glycogen, which is fuel for the muscles, restore muscle fibers, after receiving microtraumas in training, as the central nervous system, which is also greatly influenced the training stress.

Eat right.
Many beginners make the mistake: they eat a lot and everything. Yes, there should be a lot, although it is true to say enough to gain weight, only need to know how and what to eat. We must know that the diet should be like this - 30% protein, 50% - carbohydrates, 20% - fat.

Sports Nutrition - a supplement to the diet bodybuilder!
Many beginners in bodybuilding think that sports nutrition - is the key to success in bodybuilding and has only to eat plenty of protein, as muscles grow unreal and train specifically will not have to. Remember! Sports Nutrition - a supplement to the regular diet, as well as, nothing will give a good result in bodybuilding without good training. Even the use of powerful anabolic steroids will not make the body as a "Great Arnie. "

tips for bodybuilding beginners

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