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mr olimpia

Mr. Olimpia is an international bodybuilding competition, which annually by the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness will be held (IFBB).

mr olimpia

The victory is considered the highest accolade in professional bodybuilding. Joe Weider in 1965 called the race of life, in order to provide an incentive for professionals to stay true to the sport. At the Mr. Olimpia, there was in contrast to many other bodybuilding competitions, long time no weight classes.
From 1974-1979 the number of participants was divided into two weight classes since 2009, this division exists again. To participate in the normal case, a qualification is required, however, the organizers awarded from time to time, special invitations (so-called wild card ). Parallel to the "Mr. Olimpia "is also a" Ms. Olimpics "competition for female bodybuilders - also later were also competitions for fitness and figure class introduced.

Winners of the competition

Year Winner Venue
1965  Larry Scott New York, USA
1966  Larry Scott New York, USA
1967  Sergio Oliva New York, USA
1968 Sergio Oliva New York, USA
1969  Sergio Oliva New York, USA
1970  Arnold Schwarzenegger New York, USA
1971 Arnold Schwarzenegger Paris, France
1972 Arnold Schwarzenegger Essen, Germany
1973  Arnold Schwarzenegger New York, USA
1974  Arnold Schwarzenegger New York, USA
1975  Arnold Schwarzenegger Pretoria, South Africa
1976  Franco Columbu Columbus, USA
1977  Frank Zane Columbus, USA
1978  Frank Zane Columbus, USA
1979  Frank Zane Columbus, USA
1980  Arnold Schwarzenegger Sydney, Australia
1981  Franco Columbu Columbus, USA
1982 Chris Dickerson London, United Kingdom
1983  Samir Bannut Munich, Germany
1984  Lee Haney New York, USA
1985  Lee Haney Brussels, Belgium
1986  Lee Haney Columbus, USA
1987  Lee Haney Gothenburg, Sweden
1988  Lee Haney Los Angeles, USA
1989  Lee Haney Rimini, Italy
1990  Lee Haney Chicago, USA
1991  Lee Haney Orlando, USA
1992  Dorian Yates Helsinki, Finland
1993  Dorian Yates Atlanta, USA
1994  Dorian Yates Atlanta, USA
1995  Dorian Yates Atlanta, USA
1996  Dorian Yates Chicago, USA
1997  Dorian Yates Long Beach, USA
1998  Ronnie Coleman New York, USA
1999  Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, USA
2000  Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, USA
2001  Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, USA
2002  Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, USA
2003  Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, USA
2004  Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, USA
2005  Ronnie Coleman Los Angeles, USA
2006  Jay Cutler Las Vegas, USA
2007  Jay Cutler Las Vegas, USA
2008  Dexter Jackson Las Vegas, USA
2009  Jay Cutler Las Vegas, USA
2010  Jay Cutler Las Vegas, USA
2011 Phil Heath Las Vegas, USA
mr olimpia

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