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Larry Scott - the first Mr. Olympia. 1965-1966

bodybuilding videoHere once again sit to watch video Mr. Olympia and wafted the thought of what a magnificent body-building, and its top Mr. Olympia.

Under this spirit decided to start a series of posts about the most important tournament in the world of bodybuilding!

In 1963, Joe Weider said he wanted to promote bodybuilding and bring a new level. He invented an award for the best bodybuilder, a title that he called Mr. Olympia.

bodybuilding video
Everything started Sept. 18, 1965, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. It was the first night in the history of the tournament Mr. Olympia. Larry Scott longed to see everyone who came to the contest the audience. Larry at that time had already won the title of Mr. America and Mr. World and Mr. Universe.

Joe Weider knew that Larry Scott needs to increased interest in bodybuilding. Joe created the Mr. Olympia contest in order to collect all the great champions of the time. He wanted to give them the opportunity to make money competing to champions could live on the money earned from competitions, as well as athletes of other sports.
Hot September night, Larry Scott won the first Olympia in 1965 and confirmed his title in 1966. Thereafter, in 1967, he said his departure from competitive bodybuilding.

Larry Scott - the first Mr. Olympia. 1965-1966

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